When I’m in the mood for something more interesting than Blue Valentine but not as weird as Bone Machine, I tend to go for Rain Dogs.

I wanted new in-ear monitors and went with wired ones because I don’t like charging things all the time and I don’t like dealing with pairing issues. I still prefer a standard headphone jack and wires. rudimentarylathe.org/#FiiO%20F

Canceled my Apple Music membership and upgraded my Qobuz subscription to “Sublime+”. I’ll be buying more Hi-Res music from Qobuz and the Sublime+ discounts should make up for the additional subscription cost.

Robin Trower, at 73, is still kicking ass. Love the new record.

A Saturday with no set plans is a wonderful, dangerous thing.

David Rees, in Chapter 11 of “How to Sharpen Pencils”, says, “Mechanical pencils are bullshit.” I’ve always agreed with him. Lately, though, I’ve started to wonder if maybe they would be useful for making sketches, so I ordered one. Don’t tell Mr. Rees, but I like it.

It is impossible for me to use Emacs and not spend half of my time farting around with configuration.

I would like to be able to upload public photos to Flickr and not have them appear in the photostream.

Mini Me has been hanging around our offices since the beginning.

I’m told this is “The most ‘Jack’ photo in existence”. I hope this is because of the camera rather than the shorts.

The HHKB remains my second favorite keyboard of all time. Some day it may even take over the top spot from the Apple Extended Keyboard II.

If you post an article even remotely date-sensitive, please include the publication date somewhere in or around the article. In fact, add the date even if it doesn’t seem relevant, because it is always relevant.

I missed an important task this week due to overwrought OmniFocus Perspectives. This is what happens when I spend too much time sitting in front of a computer wondering what I should make “better”. Some days it feels like my whole life is an overwrought perspective. :)

So many choices! (I went with Lizard of Koz, “Deep Cut”)

A few years ago, we created Journey Jug. I just cracked another one open and will fill it with Founders’ “Lizard of Koz” today.
Follow my jugs story journeyjug.com/

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