Remember earlier when I thought I knew what kind of day it was going to be? Well, no.

Oh dear, I “accidentally” opened Mutt this morning. Now I’m up to my neck in .muttrc for no good reason.

OMG, I’m so in love with the restored Tabs in Safari’s latest that I’m giddy. This must be the week where we all feel GREAT because Apple is giving us back the stuff they’d recently taken away.

So help me if Facebook changes its name to something that mucks up my searches

I’ve decided to run my Drummer blog at I like the domain. It’s short, eponymous, alliterative, and won’t be confused with the wiki. Now to fix the internal links and put in some redirects.

Upgraded to the latest beta of Monterey and look what happened. Real Tabs!

In 3 days no normal user will even notice the notch, let alone argue incessantly about it for a year, like we will.

That was fast. Drummer and (this post was published directly from a Drummer outline)

Leica M cameras are often cited as being small and unobtrusive. They are, but the little OM cameras from Olympus give them a run for their money on that front.

Added an Olympus OM-2n today. Recently CLA'd and minty fresh.

I’m no longer automatically cross-posting from the other blog to It’s extra mental overhead I don’t need when posting. I want to not think about media linking, context, or just creating too much noise here. I’ll manually cross-post instead.

It's astonishing to me that in 2021 I still can't post to Instagram from my computer. It stops me from doing it. Same thing with if they remain mobile-only. Only looking at photos on tiny screens is disrespectful to good photographs.

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