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Jack Baty @jackbaty@mastodon.technology

So now I'm on 2 instances. mastodon.technology for social, tech, etc. and also @jackbaty (photo.social) specifically for photography-related chatter. It's an experiment.

I've gone from "Emacs for everything!" to using a different app for every single unique task.

Dropbox silently failed on my office Mac sometime yesterday afternoon. Happy Conflict Day!

You know why I haven't been talking about Syncthing? Because it's been working so flawlessly that I'd forgotten about it.

I'm pretty happy using Whalebird on my Mac. I find it to be much calmer than Mastodon's web UI github.com/h3poteto/whalebird-

Maybe it's time to stop connecting things to other things all the time.

I really miss _wanting_ to write code.

The HomePod is great, but even a mediocre amp powering mediocre speakers sounds better. Separation.

There's a lot here to play with, if you're a bash person github.com/dylanaraps/pure-bas

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Enough already. Words and phrases I can do without.

"Silo", "Walled Garden", "Dopamine", "You're not the customer, you're the product", "Business Model"

Who put all these GDPR compliance documents on my desk?

For the super lightweight, Twitter-level posts, I'm still waffling between Mastodon and my hosted Micro.blog.

Updated a client site in production by directly editing HTML via SSH like it's 1997.

So how many suspiciously empty towns is William going to just wander into?

2 things I have used on and off for years and still don't understand very well: PGP and IRC.

I missed that Mastodon added the ability to download my archives here. That helps.

I'm finally running into issues with needing both Python2 and Python3. Was hoping it would just resolve itself. Nope.