Alice is enjoying the sun this afternoon. Also, ear kaboom!

(Hasseblad 500C/M. Zeiss Planar 80mm. HP5 Plus.)

Um, you mean "over" exposed. That's a positive not a negative.

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‘68 Europe. This is how people used to organize “albums” 😆. Apparently we also wildly under-exposed our chromes, based on this sample.

Why didn’t anyone tell me that “Joe Pera Talks With You” is the greatest thing on Television?

I can’t explain why, but it makes me uncomfortable knowing that 1Password has more than 500 employees.

This afternoon’s antidote to spending the entire morning futzing around with Linux.

Here’s another found negative. Mid-1960s. Not sure where. Nassau, possibly.

I spent the morning installing Regolith Linux on my old ThinkPad. I can’t stand the trackpad on that machine, so I plugged the thing into my big monitor, keyboard, and mouse. A well-implemented i3 configuration on a big screen is nifty!

Found a few new unknown negatives. Not sure who they belonged to. All transparencies (Kodachrome and Ektachrome). This one was labeled “Solar Eclipse, 1963” and it’s awesome.

Brought this back into rotation and gave it a prominent spot on my desk.

Tinderbox or Emacs for my daily blogging? I’m catatonic over it. I want both.

I don’t see many people talking about “The Righteous Gemstones”. I found it odd and hilarious. I guess you have to enjoy Danny McBride, since he wrote and stars in the show.

I recently (accidentally) spit on my SL2-S's sensor while trying to blow some dust off it. (Don't do that). The first swab cleaning didn't remove the smudges. I just tried again, and really "dug in there" with the swab. It worked. Whew! That was scary.

Good morning. Stand back, I'm about to make pancakes. While I'm away, here's a photo of G and A.

A frequent mistake we make is to believe that we can know the motivations of others.

After living with it for a couple days, I think I’ll stick with Hitchens, @pimoore’s Hugo port of @pat’s original Jekyll theme. I dig the bold but readable design and I’m a fan of its namesake.

The people who must never have power are the humorless. – Christopher Hitchens

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