This new bag that came with the MK1 negative holder from Negative Supply fits in quite well with the decor.

After a few quick test “scans”, this setup looks to be a game changer for me. I can finally imagine a world without scanners, and more importantly, without scanner software.

Thank you, social media, for teaching me what I should be outraged about today. I spent a few hours earlier just calmly living my life but you’ve made quick work of clearing things up after 30 seconds in “trending”. Now I’m appropriately angry/distressed again, so, job well done!

Vim clutch to make Vim even faster

(Of course you don’t need a clutch in Emacs, you can just hit C-x C-t C-c r s i or M-x invoke-clutch) 🤪

I’m in the middle of a second listen to Nick Cave’s new record “Ghosteen” and it is the saddest, most beautiful thing.

Add Tasks to our TiddlyWiki Page is a step-by-step demo showing why TiddlyWiki is so handy and flexible.

…the Internet is an amoral force that reduces friction, not an inevitable force for good

– Ben Thompson, Stratechery.

I have an exercise bike, so I don’t go to Spin classes, but I enjoyed this: I was an ex-wife. Time to become a hot ex-wife’: how I found myself at Spin class

Just finished dismissing all of the notification alerts after upgrading my MBP to Catalina and now I need a nap and a massage. My Watch says I closed my Annoyance ring early today!

Week 2 of training started today for Alice. Just look at her sit there in front of Target with loads of distractions nearby! I can’t wait for her to come home on Thursday.

It makes me sad that we have a need for Twitter “thread readers”. Maybe “unroll” things in your head first, post a nice article to your blog, then tweet a link to it.

Me (morning): I gotta get away from all this surveillance craziness!

Me (later that day): ::installs Gyroscope on iPhone:: … Cool!

I’ll be limited to 8x10” prints from 35mm negatives and in a bathroom but it’s a start.

Some look forward to a new novel by their favorite author. I, on the other hand, eagerly await the next set of release notes for BBEdit. Riveting! :)

"…by announcing a Surface product with Android, Nadella hasn’t simply buried Windows’ hold on":

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