I’m so upset by the non-sensical reactions to Basecamp’s policy changes that I’m going to go dark while I cool off.

And it’s about time, too: ‘Paddington 2’ Replaces ‘Citizen Kane’ as Top-Rated Film on Rotten Tomatoes thewrap.com/paddington-citizen

Started using Syncthing again last week and so far I haven’t even noticed it’s there. Feels like Dropbox used to feel.

There’s something wonderful about the simple consistency of browsing Gemini Space.

Gemini is weird, small, and different; it is driven by the wish “that it could not easily be extended.”

Gemini space - Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gemini_s

I love reading about people’s morning routines. What I don’t like reading is someone telling me what mine should be.

With Emacs I’m in complete control of everything. I love that, but it’s also a responsibility I don’t always want.

Tags in Flickr are metadata. Tags in Instagram are advertising.

Made a 4x5 self-portrait with the Wista field camera. It was a 2-second exposure using a bulb release. I moved just enough to ruin it. Oh well, it’s still a fun process.

Just shot and processed 4 sheets of HP5+ 4x5 film that I’d loaded a while back. Unfortunately, I only thought it was HP5+. It was actually Provia 100F color transparency film, which means i wasted 20 bucks and an afternoon. Lesson: log what you load. Don’t guess. :)

Gemini feels like the 90s web and I am having so much fun. Get a Gemini client and try it. My “capsule” is gemini://gemlog.baty.net. I’m using Lagrange for browsing on the Mac.

I wonder how long the protocol can withstand the demand for inline images, which it does not support.

The erosion of personal ownership - Vox:

Everything from your fridge to your tractor can change without your permission.

It could be that I’m getting old, but more and more I don’t like things changing without my permission. vox.com/the-goods/22387601/sma

I put bacon on my Impossible Burger is that allowed?

I installed a local instance of ArchiveBox after letting my Pinboard archive subscription expire. Thinking I’ll use it as a fancy bookmark archiver. It’s a little more than I need, but maybe it’ll find a spot for it. archivebox.io

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