All boxes should look like this Linhof box (for the “Anatomical grip”)

Totally natural self-portrait pose. Yep, totally. I’m home alone today so testing the new camera is going to mean selfies.

Linhof Master Technika | Fujifilm Fujinon A 9/240 | Portra 400
Home developed in Cinestill C-41

Everything is too complicated. I don’t think it’s just me being old that makes me feel this way. I think everything really is too complicated.

First test with the new 4x5 camera. Focused using the rangefinder and viewfinder. No ground glass at all. It’s more fun this way. This is on Ilford Delta 100 expired in 2011.

It arrived! A Linhof Master Technika. What a rig. I have some test sheets drying now.

Had a new roof put on yesterday and this morning it is absolutely pouring rain. 🤞

I’m either going to have to start shooting this faster or stop drinking Diet Coke

Instagram can be good entertainment, but Flickr remains 1,000 times better for sharing photos.

The big new camera is scheduled to arrive Friday. I’ve got new C-41 chemicals, a bunch of expired sheet film, and have dug out and dusted off the JOBO and big “expert” drum for processing. I’m excited.

Experimenting with shooting more color film. Here’s Alice, since she’s usually available.

Leica Leica MP | Leica Summilux-M 50mm ASPH | Portra 400 @400
Home processed using Cinestill C-41

Settling in to read the always detailed, thorough, and mercifully non-silly release notes for BBEdit 14

This giant “Magnum Contact Sheets” book makes me want to catch up on my own contact sheets, as anachronistic as they are. Maybe they’ll invite me into Magnum :)

I’m happy to see recent discussions around printing photos. Prints are important, not only for making photographs visible and useful, but also for longevity. Digital isn’t as permanent as we think it is, so throw prints in a shoebox! Some of mine go in a “scrapbook”, like this.

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