Bryce Way sticks with Hugo:

Maybe people are right and the JavaScript-based SSGs really are the future. Well, if so, I fear it’s gonna be a pretty messed-up future.

I’m thinking of going back to handling images from the iPhone as if it were just another memory card.

If you dislike culling and editing metadata in Lightroom or Capture One, but find Photo Mechanic too expensive, you might look at FastRawViewer. It’s quite fast and has a few features even PM doesn’t.

B-box: Hive designed for home beekeeping

Safe, Simple, Urban Friendly. The game-changer for backyard or balcony beekeeping.

I’m terrified of bees, but I could probably handle this.

I was going to write something about not being able to quit Org-mode but I did that already a year ago.

Nikil Saval, The New Yorker:

What would design look like if its aim weren’t profit?

Fair question.

People make fun of me for covering my camera because “It’s a Mac and the hardware is flarvinized from the boofish port and it’s impossible to blah blah…”

I’ve just passed page 400 of “Fall, or Dodge in Hell” and I don’t think I’m going to make it. We’re spending too much time in Bitspace and I’m bored by it. Disappointing.

I wonder if there’s a way to use Emacs for certain things while avoiding the urge to then it for everything.

Post: Keeping a Digital Print Archive. I’ve tweaked the process by which I feel comfortable with the long-term viability of my edited photos. makes music lists. That may not be terribly unique, but just look at the site!

Found via This article at The Outline.

“Are you working Friday after the 4th?”

Me: “Of course, why?”

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