I think Sonos made a reasonable call. And I have 3 "legacy" devices from late 2000s that will stop working at some point. It's awesome they've worked so well for this long, considering they've got computers in 'em.

My RoamResearch graph as of today. The more I put into Roam, the more useful it becomes.

I'm trying something. Every time I think about visiting a social network, I instead turn and grab a pencil.

My avatar is from this found negative from the early 1900s. Looking at it makes me happy.

roamresearch.com/ was down for much of the day yesterday and it's telling how hamstrung I felt. Also, their upcoming offline features can't come soon enough.

There are many ways to use
@RoamResearch, but to me it's the world's smartest Bullet Journal. Daily Notes ftw.

I want a smart home without the need for an internet connection. Something like wifi-only Brilliant. brilliant.tech/pages/smart-hom

Is there such a thing?

I'm not interested in what you're planning for the coming year. I'm interested in what you _actually did last year_ and if it worked or didn't work for you and why.

What, why? Was I getting too comfortable with my own Emacs config or something?

I LOVE year-end lists. Can’t get enough of ‘em.

Finally dug out the film dryer. Cuts my drying time from 2 hours to just 15 minutes. I should probably mount it somewhere.

Too many companies seem to think that a redesign of their control panel only requires making everything bigger and adding too much whitespace.

If the only thing your site is good at is SEO optimization I hate you.

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