I love that brief moment when the rain noise stops while I’m driving under an overpass.

My Blot subscription ends next week. While I’ve moved away from Blot for my own blog, I’m going to renew for another year because I believe David has built a standout service, and I want to support it. blot.im

I love desks. No such thing as having too many! One day I’ll have a giant, antique rolltop with a million little drawers and compartments and I will sit there and tinker until I die.

Using the old, small iPhone SE has reminded me how nice it is to be able to control my phone entirely with one hand. I can reach everything without shifting my grip around or using both hands.

I see that AdGuard is available via SetApp. I used it before installing a Pi-Hole and it seemed to work very well. adguard.com

Well the Keychron K2 only lasted a day. I’m already back to using the Happy Hacking Keyboard. It’s possible I didn’t give the K2 long enough, but I think the HHKB has ruined every other keyboard for me.

I’m using my old SE this week, which has turned the X into a $1,000 darkroom timer 😜

Don’t pin your header, it’s in the way. We know how to scroll up and don’t mind doing it.

Unpopular opinion: Paul Di’Anno Iron Maiden is as good as or better than Bruce Dickenson Iron Maiden

Leave me alone, Dropbox! (This is one reason I’m moving to other sync options).

I was given a Buddha Board. I’d never heard of it and now it’s my favorite thing today. buddhaboard.com

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