I'm switching over to jack@mathstodon.xyz because math (though that server is still much less stable) (mathstodon.xyz/@jack)

Does anyone have a favorite book on ? Bannai and Ito's "Algebraic Combinatorics I: Association Schemes" is great and I am curious if anyone has a recommendation.

mastodon.technology is cool and all, but mathstodon.xyz is just too good of a name @peterrowlett

@henryseg have you considered or already built visualizations of the Golay code?

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@jack Ahh, not sure there - I've messed with it on mobile just a bit but by far it's mostly been on desktop.

Well, I just went back and checked it and yes, that looks like how it works. The layout for the desktop expects 4 columns and then dumps the search over the composer.

On mobile you only see one at a time, but the search bar is still connected to the composer tab. So that's not really ideal, but that's what's going on

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Running a Mastodon instance hasn’t been easy, wrote up some technical details and feelpinions here: ashfurrow.com/blog/mastodon-ad

So, uh...how do you search for people on mastodon.social when you know their username but not account number?:tired_face:

Is anyone else able to run mastodon in Chrome but not FF on their android?

I am skeptical of having seemingly successfully nabbed the 'jack' username.:thinking:

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