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"Solutude" heavy spoilers 

They learn that magic is not in things, but in spoken words, and does not bend nature but human will. Mages should be dealt with.

They learn that there is not People or Nation on this planet, here are only Persons.

And one of them decides to stay on the planet and never go back.

I read the above as a metaphor of social networks, where words influence people to believe in craziest things.

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"Solutude" minor spoilers 

This one tells a story of an Hain survey that tries to get to know new people, and is faced with a problem --- nobody want's to talk to them. Also no adult talks with other adults that often.

The society is heavily postapocaliptic trying to live far away from ruins of biggest cities humanoids ever build.

So one of the survey members goes down with her kids, assuming that kids do need to learn stuff from adults.

And the kids learn.

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The word for "world" is "forest" (minor-ish) spoilers 

Apparently it was written as a protest against US militarization and the Vietnam war.

It tells the story of Terran colonists on a planet that has native humanoid life-forms, that are numerous, but strangely pacifistic.

Natives considered dream and waking world to be both real. At one time one of them dreamed new thing that could break their enslavement.

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I have also read two other novels by : "Solitude" and "The word for >>world<< is >>forest<<".

Both are part of Hainsh cycle, and both could be interpreted commentaries on the real world events.

Poland Covid 

11) For the last 6 month they didn't even manage to put in place proper order to wear masks. They put it in place, but in a legally improper way, and courts rule that all fines for not wearing masks are void;
12) Proper statute that forces masks was proposed by the Opposition;
13) And this is for Government that can pass statues in like 2 days (from announcing to the public to being in force);

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Poland Covid 

6) When schools were opened we had 500 cases daily;
7) Today its 8 000;
8) So they closed schools; One day they go: "All is fine and dandy", the next: "We close high schools and Universities". Primary schools still can't get an OK from inspections to work remotely;
9) They blamed all problems in Healthcare on doctors;
10) Couple of years ago when we had big doctor protests they were like: "If you don't like it here, emigrate". And the doctors emigrated;

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Poland Covid 

Polish response is to Covid is stupid:

Here is the timeline:

1) First the government downplayed COVID, cause they wanted to win the election (it worked);
2) They kept downplaying it whole summer;
3) They focused on fucking up lifes of LGBT+ people;
4) Then they opened schools in September;
5) Nominally principals could go to remote or hybrid (some groups remote, some onsite) however doing that needs OK from Sanitation inspection that **never agrees*...

The Dispossessed Spoilers // Bleak real life thoughts 

To sum it up: somehow even as UKL tried to underline risks and downsides of living in anarchistic utopia, seeing late stage capitalism, I can not wish I was born there.

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The Dispossessed Spoilers // Bleak real life thoughts 

I also can't compare response to drought on Anarres, to the cluster fuck covid is.

Well organised society, with high trust can survive a lot. While we can get organised enough to stay at home and do basic sanitary precautions.


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The Dispossessed Spoilers // Bleak real life thoughts 

"The Dispossessed" by Ursula K Le Guin is a different book in 2020 than when I first read it.

It shows two ways of life (neither of them perfect) one that is fascist-ish capitalism, other anarchistic.

I can not not think of Urras (the capitalists) as a 2020 western world.

Anarchists on Anarres had much less, but were sharing what they had, and they worked much less. This is a bargain I would gladly take.


Comic recommendation: "The Croaking". Comic about discrimination, living in fascist-ish military regime, also there is some light gay romance. Also characters have bird wings (not angels!). One of main characters is a crow.

It is drawn well. Has nice world building.

Link is here:

Dispossessed, late spoilers, real life environmental catastrophe 

Monologue about Terra from terran ambassador is terrifying. In the book Terrans destroyed Earth just as thoroughly as we are on a path to do.

It's almost 8 PM here and I'm still at work. At least my pain is self inflicted, as nobody forced me to schedule meeting with another timezone. I could have chosen more convenient time.

Reading "The Disposessed". This book is different than in early `00 when I read it first.

USA is surreal. I barely manage to convince myself it is a real place, not an elaborate joke pulled of on Europeans.

Hasło do wyborów 2020 (samorząd uczniowski): ze mną nie zginiecie.

I'm not sure if this dream was in English also? Was it "glass concrete" or "szkło beton"?

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Today I was dreaming that I was working in a "glass concrete" factory. I woke up tired.

Then I learned that they try to recycle glass* by adding it to concrete.

* we are living in post modern times when words lost their meanings, I'm pretty sure that glass mixed into concrete is going back into "the cycle".

I was watching a Netflix movie. I saw visible compression artifacts. I assumed it was bandwidth.

Compression artifacts were present on 4k screen, but did not occur on laptop monitor.

So I assume DRM library was CPU starved I guess.

Why do we live in a world of broken software?

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