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and fun continues.

1. First image is randomly generated height-map.
2. Second is rendered landscape, featuring debug markers (namely red ball and yellow translucent cylinder)

The above was generated by python script executing povray thingy.

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fun continues:

It's the same as previously but:

1. Povray file is generated from script, that works on python objects;
2. Heightfield is not created in Gimp but generated from array.
3. I saved 10 seconds of my life by generating spheres using for loop.

The end goal is to re-create something that renders landscapes similar to: @wildflowersbot

Poland healthcare public and private 

Without public system, private one is a hell scape of stress, shady payment, lying and misinforming insurance and other stuff.

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Poland healthcare public and private 

Private health insurance is nice (for the patient) when it supplements universal public healthcare.

Cause they need to compete with free product (well free as in paid in taxes). So they compete with better quality. Also private healthcare either provides super simple service (doctor visits) that people are willing to pay to get faster, or super specialised ones (shady German cancer clinics). The first part being reasonably priced.

So povray is seriously fun, well documented thing.

If you want introduction to 3d programming, povray is probably the way to go.

It's the same image as previously, but now I understand the coordinate system, and to prove it I put spheres in the corners of the height field.

I'm starting to think that all 3d API's are garbage (or ta least their documentation is garbage).

Or rather --- trying to do hobby project that something interesting with 3d is super-hard with exisitng 3d API.

However there is povray, a raytracer that is not younger than me, which is super easy, has super clean documenation, it's own DSL for describing the scene.

Doing the below took me 3 minutes (using the tutorial). And I'm a way further than in any other API's after couple of hours each.

So on hacker news there is a discussion on Mastodon.

And its like: "ignore instances on cause CENSORSHIP".

What is wrong with these people?

Also some of them want to have non-alt-right free-speech zone.

A memory called empire won Hugo award this year. We read it on the !

Inheritance by N.K. Jemisin (minor settign spoilers) 

There is also huge redemption arc there.

So it's a romance, but there is more to it.

Highly recommend.

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Inheritance by N.K. Jemisin (minor settign spoilers) 

I read the Inheritance cycle by N.K. Jemisin recently. (We read another book by this author)

You can read this as a romance book.

However I read it as another take on Octavia Butlers major theme --- humanity dealing with non-human (I mean mostly Xenogenesis cycle).

Also you can read this as story of fanatical facist regime, where everybody is unhappy (including actual fanatical facist establishment).

Very similarity I enjoyed Kubernetes (on Google Cloud). Some config, a docker container and my service was rock solid. All updates to the underlying systems were 100% automated, and I could literally forget about the service and it would just do it's thing.

Sadly k8s on every other provider infra was, well garbage, if I wanted to manage my own fronted nginx server I could just set stuff up directly (and yes when I checked only GKE had managed well documented, easily configurable load balancing)

I actually enjoyed systemd. I get the criticisms, but the critics don't really propose an alternative.

Having a service definition in plain configuration file, over a bash script is great.

Timers are also strictly better than cron (you can define what to do if you "every minute" timer takes more than one minute).

Polish Politics 

So the regressive candidate won to non-regressive one.

The party of the non-regressive candidate (and friendly mainstream media) obviously blame everybody but the before mentioned party for the defeat.

Not the total lack of campain in smaller towns (like I'm living in), only leaflet I got was sent by their opponents.

And we are left with couple of more years of sliding into catholic-facist regime.

USA BLM Protests 

How are things going? Do the protests continue? Are they gaining or loosing momentum?

We don't have new information as our media are focusing on the elections, also I'm not sure I trust media that much lately?

Polish politics 

We had presidential debate. Or rather: two simultaneous debates each presenting a single candidate in the run-off election.

Candidates couldn't agree on whether to have a debate on National TV or in Commercial one.

Below is the screenshot (stolen from Facebook) showing two debates.

Beat that Trump! Beat that!

Polish politics 

I will have to vote for an objectively bad candidate. He is from right wind status-quo party, and is no friend of progressive forces.

Some left people would not vote for him, as he "has nothing in their programme for them".

The problem is that status quo is way better than steady decline, that the other candidate will guarantee.

Also couple of my LGBTQ friends said that they feel they will be better off.

So Trzaskowski it is.


Polish politics LGBQ rights - - 

Usually you wote for candidate you trust more. However since both candidates are for writing ban on gay pairs adoptions into constitution (it's not that this is currently legal) I'll vote for the one who I trust less to actually follow through.

Also throwing a wrench into ruling party machinery should they loose the president would be worth it.

Polish politics 

And the political context is that candidates think they need votes of the fascist one.

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Polish politics 

Also the cultural context that you might be missing is that: "I shit my pants!" refers to a situation where somebody is so intoxicated they lost control of anal sphincter, but amusingly not intoxicated enough to not be able to loudly and proudly pronounce: "I shat my pants!".

Rather than making fun of people with serious medical conditions.

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Polish politics 

The message below shows fake "Twitter" conversation between: Fascist presidential candidate, and two right wing candidates that went into second round of elections:

Bosak (Fascist one): "I shitted my pants XD lol"
Trzaskowski (right wing neoliberal one): "What a coincidence! I also shitted my pants, so much in common"
Duda (right wing catholic radical one): "Mee to! Me To! Moreover I also peed my pants".

This is a fake screenshot, but it is also very true.

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