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I bought the racial justice bundle. Games are wonderfully weird, among others you get casual driving game featuring motif of abortion, two paper RPG about dating, short story about waking up after one night stand.

Well no AAA studio would have these motifs.

Sadly bundle finished but there is another one, pricier sadly.

I really enjoyed diaries for . I'm not sure what to say more about it?

I'd be happy to know more about politics of that world, however this is not something Murdebot is interested in, so slim chances (unless he will get into contemporary political drama).

Walkaway // vs The Disposessed by UKL 

Both books (Walkaway and The Dispossesed by Ursula K Le Guin) tell a story of anarchistic utopia. However for Doctorow this what enables the utopia is breakthrough in Technology, for UKL it's new philosophy. UKL version is much more believable to me.

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Walkaway: setting spoilers 

The "default", or rather: Cory describes USA/Canada and calls it the "default", which is a weak point of the book.

He cites police militarization and violence, crushing university debt, medical debt. None of these things exist in Poland.

But people did walkaway in Poland in this book (there are mentions of Łódź and Kraków).

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Walkaway: setting spoilers 

Main opponents of the protagonists are "the Zotttas" (people having more than zotta-dollar, or 0.01% percenters).

Who believe that they own world because they are genuinely better than the rest.

I really enjoy anti-capitalistic part of this book.

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Walkaway: setting spoilers 

This is techno-utopia build on a premise that "fabbers" exist --- think of them as a "3d printers" on steroids, that could print: clothes, tools, semiconductors, chips . . .

Walkaways build their shelters and create fabbers (violating patents on the way).

Without this magic that kills economies of scale, walkaways wouldn't exist, main reason you could non-violently walk away is that you could easily build new life in a new place.

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Walkaway: setting spoilers 

Main characters walk away from the default society, and live in places deserted by the the default, living in anarchistic communes build on the premises of gift economy.

They live in industrial wastelands, normal wastelands, they squat, take over abandoned scientific installations, and when challenged by the default, they walk-away to build new communities in new places knowing that even if they cant take everything they will be given things by other walkaways.

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Walkaway: setting spoilers 

Overall this is an utopia, where Cory presents "better society", uncharacteristically this is an utopia in the making --- that is it shows people "walking away" from the "default" to create a better nation.

I need good, believable, hopefull, narratives that show that we can go out of present situation and build a better societies. However this time I did not got convinced that Cory's utopia is viable.

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Walkaway Review 

I did read Walkaway by Cory Doctorow (it was nominated to ).

I will post review, starting with minor setting spoilers in a thread.

Factorio violence 

Played for my second playthrough I choose both marathon (things take longer) and death World (enemies are more aggressive).

Choosing one of these would be fun, both not so.

To clear blitter nests I needed rockets, but when I got them big bitters started spawning, so my defenses were inadequate (and prospect of attacking were slim). While inadequate defenses consisted of two layers auto loaded wirh ammunition turrets at critical places, so building this was fun.

Nuclear power in Factorio 

They got a lot of things wrong though:

1. Fuel should glow AFTER being taken out from the reactor;
2. You get nuclear fuel out of reprocessed fuel cells;
3. "Kovarex enrichment process" is a fake, and real processes that produce nuclear fuel are performed in special reactors;
4. There are much better techniques of separation between U-238 and U-235 than centrifuges;
5. Depleted uranium ammo DOES NOT GLOW (and is not radioactive);

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Nuclear power in Factorio 

I'm playing , and i like how they managed to get a lot of things right about nuclear power:

1. Once you have stable nuclear power you can, like, dismantle solar grid;
2. Construction is expensive, but very easy to manage after that;
3. Once you handle better technology fuel supply is essentially infinite (however reason for this is different than IRL);
4. Nuclear power plant is much more than "just reactor";
5. Centrifuges!

USA protests 

I really hope everybody I know from the US is now safe. My best wishes to you all!

E-book rant 

I'm trying to buy an e-book. This time author wanted it to be DRM-free, so I can "probably just buy it":

1. "Kobo" warns me that I don't live in US, and I should select my country, but I cant select Poland;
2. "Barnes and Noble" tries to sell me a "Nook book" format. (wtf is nook book?);
3. Amazon tries to force me into "Kindle ecosystem", and I'd guess that I will need to install kindle app to read this (or more probably to export the book);

Martha Wells "All Systems Red" setting spoilers 

1. I really like idea of Synthetic Inteligence* gains independence from oversight just to watch soap operas.

2. There is motif of "lowest bidder" --> that most of problems inside corporate habitats is caused by the "Corporation" choosing "lowest bidder" does not ring true to me. "Lowest bidder" is IMHO governmental thing. I could provide different reasons for things being broken in corporate world.

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I've read first murderbot novella ("All Systems Red") and I like it very much.

Review in thread.

Polish politics, bad but absurd 

The cherry on top is that (apparently) they published information that there will be no election, just after the presidential debate.

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Polish politics, bad but absurd 

4) So statute defining new "election by post" is not in place;
5) However they took away powers to make "normal" election from the Country Electoral Commission (normal body that does this stuff);
6) So as of today nobody can make any election;
7) They wasted ~10 million PLN (~3 million $) to print vote cards for the "election by post";

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Polish politics, bad but absurd 

So how this shit happened you might ask me?

This is a good question!

1) The ruling party doesn't want to declare state of emergency (automatically postpones elections!)
2) They wanted to push elections in may, before it will become apparent that they fucked things royally;
3) They wanted to have elections by post, but due to the fact they can't do stuff properly they were successfully blocked by Senate (where they don't have majority);

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Polish politics, bad but absurd 

So we are having an election this sunday.

The problem is that there will be no vote-cards, and there will be no vote counting commision.

The current plan of the ruling party is: "Highest Court will declare this election invalid due to the fact we had no election" (Highest Court has the power to check election correctness, and declare results OK or not OK).

And yes politicians plans involve Highest Court ruling one way or another.


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