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E-book rant 

I'm trying to buy an e-book. This time author wanted it to be DRM-free, so I can "probably just buy it":

1. "Kobo" warns me that I don't live in US, and I should select my country, but I cant select Poland;
2. "Barnes and Noble" tries to sell me a "Nook book" format. (wtf is nook book?);
3. Amazon tries to force me into "Kindle ecosystem", and I'd guess that I will need to install kindle app to read this (or more probably to export the book);

Martha Wells "All Systems Red" setting spoilers 

1. I really like idea of Synthetic Inteligence* gains independence from oversight just to watch soap operas.

2. There is motif of "lowest bidder" --> that most of problems inside corporate habitats is caused by the "Corporation" choosing "lowest bidder" does not ring true to me. "Lowest bidder" is IMHO governmental thing. I could provide different reasons for things being broken in corporate world.

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I've read first murderbot novella ("All Systems Red") and I like it very much.

Review in thread.

Polish politics, bad but absurd 

The cherry on top is that (apparently) they published information that there will be no election, just after the presidential debate.

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Polish politics, bad but absurd 

4) So statute defining new "election by post" is not in place;
5) However they took away powers to make "normal" election from the Country Electoral Commission (normal body that does this stuff);
6) So as of today nobody can make any election;
7) They wasted ~10 million PLN (~3 million $) to print vote cards for the "election by post";

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Polish politics, bad but absurd 

So how this shit happened you might ask me?

This is a good question!

1) The ruling party doesn't want to declare state of emergency (automatically postpones elections!)
2) They wanted to push elections in may, before it will become apparent that they fucked things royally;
3) They wanted to have elections by post, but due to the fact they can't do stuff properly they were successfully blocked by Senate (where they don't have majority);

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Polish politics, bad but absurd 

So we are having an election this sunday.

The problem is that there will be no vote-cards, and there will be no vote counting commision.

The current plan of the ruling party is: "Highest Court will declare this election invalid due to the fact we had no election" (Highest Court has the power to check election correctness, and declare results OK or not OK).

And yes politicians plans involve Highest Court ruling one way or another.


Poland stupid law, funny. 

We were really close to country wide "grass is lava" game with the police.

Due to very stupid law update we would have outlawed stepping on any grass on public land. Find would be about 100$.

Supposedly they fixed it.

Poland Covid Rule-of-law (---) 

So now the parliament votes on abortion law (this was a citizens project submitted by Catholic foundation --- which heavily funded by government grants but that's another story).

Previously such project was stopped due to very large protest movement.

Now guess what? Assembly rights are effectively nullified, so no protests.


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Poland Covid Anecdata Rule of Law (+++) 

I went to 2 pleasure bike rides this weekend, and nobody bothered me (especially law enforcement).

Poland Covid Rule-of-law (---) 

So, "police command for Olsztyn city" published a statement where they threatened legal consequences for "publishing videos of police intervention". Among other things they cited GDPR ;)

Here is (polish only) link:


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Poland Covid Rule-of-law (---) 

Apparently in my wife's home-town policeman started to ask people for "written proofs" that they are going for work.

This might be caused by local Covid hotspot, however it's perfectly illegal.

To issue "shelter at home" rule you'd need to issue "state of emergency", which ruling party is not willing to do, as they have good ratings now, and they don't want to postopne May elections.


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Covid folding climate change 

So I'm turning off my folding and rosetta@home programs. It's getting so hot that I can't justify: "so I'm using coal electricity, but at least less carbohydrates are burned keeping the house warm".

I hope I helped somewhat, though.

Sorry for the Covid/Poland spam.

I just needed to brag that I was brave enough to go out for a pleasure bicycle ride in the rural-ish Polish landscapes.

Ride was 10/10.

Poland Covid Rule-of-law (---) 

Also our ruling party had official anniversary of "The Accident in Katyń*", where they broke most of the sanitary rules. . .

* Accident in Katyń was when Polish president (and most of upper echelons of power) died in an airplane tragedy, due to gross mismanagement of the whole trip.


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Poland Covid Rule-of-law (---) 

What is also infuriating is that despite law being the same for 2 weeks it's interpretation changes.

And you don't know which of these carry more weight:

* FAQ at health ministry web-page;
* Twitter of "Country Police Command"
* Health minister's interview;


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Poland Covid Rule-of-law (---) 

So none of these things will stick in court, but there is a catch!

Policeman can send notice to sanitary inspection, they can fine you up to 30k PLN (<10k USD). You can appeal to voivoideship sanitary inspection. Also you need to pay the fine at this point. Only after they reject your appeal you can go to court.

Catch is they can postpone responding to your appeal until the covid epidemic is over.


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Poland Covid Rule-of-law (---) 

So people are scared to go out even if they have legit reasons.

The problem is that all these counter measures are illegal and unconstitutional, and pointless.

They are illegal cause you can limit movement only in a statue (ustawa) but it was done in ministry regulation (rozporządzenie).

Also you can't disallow going out (you can only regulate how people are going out --- so 2m rule is legal, dont-go-out is not).


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Poland Covid Rule-of-law (---) 

So people on social media would claim that:

* Policeman would ask them where they are going (to check if their reason for being out is "necessary enough");
* Would inspect shopping bags to check if shopping was necessary;
* Would ticket bicycle riders claiming that they are riding for leisure not to get to work.


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Poland Covid Rule-of-law (---) 

So officially we are disallowed from going out, except in certain circumstances: "Work, Volunteering for Covid and >>necessary needs for everyday life<<"*.

Also you can go out for religious cult reasons (cause we are a basically a theocracy now).

And officially we can need to be at least 2m apart when traveling on foot.

And we can't have parties.

* Except people younger than 18, they can leave only with their guardian;


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