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Today I hunted my father's drones with a stick! I had some success.

Monument Valley 2 (a very nice, tranquil light puzzle game) is free in play store. You might want to check it.

Waste Tide 

Waste Tide // Deus Ex Series 

So I'm re-reading "Fiasco" by Lem. Being a teen I read this as a novel about impossibility of first contact.

Right now it's critique of toxic masculinity. Or: their is nothing bunch of machos can't screw up.

ALSO: And who would put a priest on a fuckin starship? Why would first contact starship need an "Vatican envoy" (what a waste of propellant).

Clergy Child Abuse in Poland // GOOD NEWS 

Doom // Capitalism 

Work + 

I was like: Why does hell in Doom resembles big industrial complex. And then: i like it!


Covid Ancillary Polish politics 

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Covid Ancillary Polish politics 

Game violence // Dishonored series 

I also bought Doom, and then spend whole evening playing Kerball Space Program. Don't ask why.

Covid ancillary 

Watched Start Trek Picard (all available episodes), the show gets better and better with each episode (or just it it better when you are binging it not really paying full attention ;)).

There is a lot of advice for Working from Home, but mind that some things works from some people, but not for others. Need to work in a formal wear, do it!, can work in pyjamas also it's fine.

There IMO the most important thing:

You need to communicate more proactively, and in general: you need to communicate more.

How it depends on a team. I started doing written recaps of daily work, right now I add notes to each issue I work on a given day.

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TL;DR; Try to do your best when working from home, but try not to worry too much.

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Watched new episode of Westworld, and it starts great. Much better than the previous series. They should just add some recap episode, so people can jump in.


It's easy to burn out when working from home. Try to establish bounds, and resist urge to e.g. work for whole day doing long breaks during the day (e.g. from 8 to 12 and then from 16 to 20) if you do this for prolonged period of time you'll feel as if you are working non-stop.

Keep in mind that temporary productivity loss is expected. Some permanent productivity loss may be expected. Major productivity loss if you need to care for dependents when working from home is expected.

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