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Polish far right 


Prepping questions // Parable od Sower 

Fall by Neal Stephenson spoilers // techbro 

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Fall by Neal Stephenson spoilers // techbro 

One of reasons I like these movies (Ghibli Princess Mononoke and Nausicaa) is that there is a lot of conflict there, but none of the factions/persons is "evil" or "good" (some of them may be "wrong").

There is also a message that you might differ in opinions without hate. Which is message we should learn as a civilisation.

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Netflix released a lot of Ghibli movies recently. I can recommend Princess Nausicaa and Princess Mononoke. There is also Nausicaa comic (not released on Netflix) that I can highly recommend.

To jeszcze po Polsku: takie coś znalazłem.

Nawet nie wiem jak to skomentować.

This is probably untranslatable. "Ekogroszek" translated as: "ECO PEAS" is this worst quality coal (that won't be bought by the power plants) people use to heat their homes.

This one is "patriotically branded", named: "PATRIOT PLUS" with tagline: "Energy from polish land".

It's also branded in white red colors, like polish flag.

This is an ad I saw on Audible application. Apparently it is non ironical.

Thank you overlords for this rare opportunity.

I bought Detroit[1] game.

I like it very much, it is a visual narrative with some QTE (which you might botch and it will move the story forward).

Story is about a bunch of Androids that (I guess) gain/prove their consciousness.

Graphics is very good, I love textures of faces (best I saw in games so far).

CW: So far generally abuse (including child harm), also death. However no pointless violence and/or gore.


Netflix bought all Ghibli movies. But somehow they didn't release yet two best ones: Mononoke and Nausicaa.

Watching Nausicaa, and the reading the comics was a transformative experience for me.

I'm reading two books in parallel one is "Parable of Sower" by Octavia E. Butler the other is "Fall" by Neal Stephenson.

I can't shake the feeling that they are telling story of the same* Armageddon, but one from the perspective of 1% of tech bros (tech persons?) other one from the perspective of 99%.

In the Fall they even ride through "Ameristan" rural, "crazy", part of the USA.

* obviously causes od the armagedon are different somewhat but its still similar enough.

Parable of the Sower first chapter or two 

Eliza slight spoilers 

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I bought "Eliza" a visual novel by Zachtronics. Very good story about living in it burnout, crunch, AI, therapy.

Protagonist started work as Eliza proxy (person interact with costumer undergoing a therapy session led by AI bot Eliza).

So far the story is great 10/10.

European politics 

Q: How many C++ programmers it takes to change the lightbulb?
A: It can't be done it's an ABI breaking change!

Polish politics 

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Polish politics 

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