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I found this yesterday. If both Neil's can have impostor syndrome, then yeah, there aren't any grown-ups. 💙

Q: What were you doing today?
A: Oh just logging of logging (in), logging (out) and password changes.

Q: Did you consider logging of logging events?

Climate change programming nerdery 

It is official, if you need date "after end of the world" you can legally use anything after 2050 iff you comment: "If this becomes a problem we are sooo lucky".

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I should probably have CW-ed last post. Ech.

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Okay, I am *really* liking this book. It took a bit for me to get into, but it's a really good read.

If you are interested in paranormal romance fluff read with good #autistic rep, check out Wildfire Griffin by Zoe Chant

#amreading #ActuallyAutistic

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class Foo:
# If we don't cut CO2 emissions
# fixing this will be least of
# our problems in 2100
range_to: =, 1, 1)

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Apparently there is official gear for service dogs in laboratories and it is the best thing

In one project I'm supposed document code in Polish. No 1. review issue: random file is documented in English cause my brain misfired.

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rms, a defense of free software 

Mastodon folks might be particularly interested in my response in this MetaFilter thread -- someone basically asked whether they should give up on Linux entirely, and I replied.

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Not sure about "Most visionary game on Steam" award, but Universal Basic Income, Slumdog sentient bots and transgenics, prison/military-industrial complex, neofeudalism, yep!

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The extended Tutanota Team in preparation for Friday! 😍

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"You have my bow."
"And my axe."
"And my sword."
And thus Frodo left Rivendell completely alone, but armed to the teeth.

#lotr #fantasy

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I think I'm fucking with my body by trying to slowly move when I take my levothyroxine, but like taking it in the afternoon leaves me exhausted just before I take it.

Maybe I need to see a doctor and see if I need the dose adjusted again... ugh...

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#OC #mastoart #art #pixelart

Saw a shirt at the mall and got inspired to draw my OC in it!!

Tried to experiment with dithering :thinking:

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Richard Stallman, paedophilia apologia. 

Richard Stallman and his defenders have said his comments on the Epstein thing have been misunderstood. Even if this is true it doesn't matter. His positions at MIT and the FSF were untenable regardless due to a history of paedophilia apologia.

"I am skeptical of the claim that voluntary paedophilia harms children"

Fuck him tbh.

My first work was doing enterprise systems for polish Orange (or Idea maybe even). I left them screaming due to, well architecture.

Now as a client i see nothing was fixed.

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military, police 

I'm reading a book about learning and how humans form mental models, and it's really good, but keeps drawing on examples from the military and police and, like, ugh.

I really don't want to hear how realistic the police training simulations are, the ones that teach them to shoot first and ask questions later. it's cool that humans think both fast and slow; it's fucked that we train police human's fast thinking systems to recognize all people as threats.

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