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So 1000 in stardates = 1 year

Stardates are ... a metric ... calendar?

🤔 📆 :Trek:

Polish Politics, far right catholic 

We have Saint Marys Radio "Radio Maryja", which is a church station that is gathering support for current regime (sometimes they stop doing it, but then they get some money from the government and they start again --- witnessed such thing on my own eyes).

So here is a bishop that teaches kids about merits of new social programmes introduced by the current ruling party:

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i've been thinking a lot recently about the idea of virtual conferences. i know this isn't a new idea, but i'm wondering how popular it might be to host a virtual conference where all the content is created as videos beforehand, those videos are then released as part of a schedule during the conference with time for some form of q&a with the presenter after each one.

anybody got good links to virtual conference stuff?

how might i gauge interest in a virtual conf peertube instance?

boosts welcome

I'm loving Carnival Row, but for me it's to sad to binge.

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Hot take: if you're gonna put yourself in the mentor role for any group of people, you should make sure you have the emotional space to mentor

It's not always true that something is better than nothing

Poland, nationalism ww2 

Nationalists (or facists) would say that was attacked in World War 2 by (choose from the list below):

* Atheists
* Communists (of course S in NSDAP stands for Socialism)
* German nation & Russian Nation

What they omit is that we were rather attacked by two nationalistic regimes (N stands for National). Soviet Russia was somwhat cosmopolitan, but in practice being a Russian in Poland was somewhat a priveledged position too.

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Mike #Pence is visiting #Reykjavik (#Iceland) today. He's meeting with local government peeps in a building which is across the street from my office.

So today we're looking out the window, observing the security theatre: streets closed, lots of cops, SWAT dudes inspecting parked cars. A patrol boat in the waters nearby. What looks like a sniper nest on a roof.

One of the larger local tech consultancies has a row of flag posts, right next to the meeting venue. They took down their company flags today and are flying the Pride flag instead.

Hell yeah!
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uspol, ww2, nazis, poland 

Today in #Poland, while commemorating the beginning of the Second World War, Mike Pe(na)nce basically blamed the atrocities of WWII on "godlessness" and "the scourge of communism".

Lest we forget: Nazi Wehrmacht had "Gott mit uns" on their belts. And IBM was providing computing machines needed to manage the Holocaust.

Not saying stalinist totalitarianism was not evil. But September 1 in Poland is neither the time nor the place for that sort of whataboutism.

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@deshipu "I wish I had time to test and maintain it"

Honestly its a wonder that *anyone* has time to maintain *anything*.

StackOverflow is a good metaphor for capitalism. I do literally nothing on the site, and my rep grows linearly, only virtue being the since the public beta phase.

Good answers to simple questions yield most rep, it's a lot harder to gain rep nowadays.

Carnival Row The Martyr 

Main religion I the Burge seems to be centered on The Martyr, which is Crist-Like but hanged. And live size figures of The hanging Martyr are gruesome. As gruesome as the Cross I guess.

I love Carinval Row. Would probably love it more if someone did: "Faeries doing typical fairy shit in Tirnanoc before the invasion" just nice wings without all the drama.

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@codesections Yes, PGP is a hot mess. It’s historically important. We owe Phil Z our gratitude for getting a secure communication tool into people’s hands. Also, the PGP manual is still worth reading to this day.

In addition to the other problems you listed, PGP is way to hard to use. Even the #infosec wonks I know don’t bother using PGP. There’s no way we can expect Joe and Sally Citizen to use it.

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Absolute king.

On July 1, 1943 Willem was executed by Nazis for bombing a Dutch public records office preventing the nazis from identifying a huge number of Dutch Jews.

His last words were "Let it be known that homosexuals are not cowards."

Eternal love and respect. 🖤🏴🗡

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Since few days, I try the pixel art and I really like it :3

I think I will open commissions for 64*64 avatars, are you interested?

I'm doing some algorithmic brain teasers from: "Cracking the Coding Interview" (mostly to stay sharp).

And results I'm getting might not be what is intended.

Example: "You are given two sorted Arrays A and B, merge them to a sorted array".

Solution: "sort(A + B)"

Explanation: Python (and Java) uses timsort algorithm that explicitly handles almost sorted arrays, and arrays consisting of sorted runs.

Actually it seams that this is solution is better than O(n log n) and worse than O(n).

I quite dislike Groovy as a DSL idea.

I know two implementations of it: gradle and jenkins jobs. Both are not very easy to use.

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And it's finally made. :stonks:

The for running code from a repo with zero documentation.

I wanna know if i made any stupid mistakes, so if you find any please tell it's no big deal i don't have many followers anyway

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