#SFFBookClub May poll 

Youtube for kids is seriously weird. See this clip that has 33M views and apparently consists of someone unpacking chocolate eggs: youtu.be/eLYFUZDgspU .

Today I hunted my father's drones with a stick! I had some success.

@deshipu if your pipe is not a pipe, you should have serious talk with your OS maintainer.

Monument Valley 2 (a very nice, tranquil light puzzle game) is free in play store. You might want to check it.

Waste Tide 

Waste Tide // Deus Ex Series 

So I'm re-reading "Fiasco" by Lem. Being a teen I read this as a novel about impossibility of first contact.

Right now it's critique of toxic masculinity. Or: their is nothing bunch of machos can't screw up.

ALSO: And who would put a priest on a fuckin starship? Why would first contact starship need an "Vatican envoy" (what a waste of propellant).

Clergy Child Abuse in Poland // GOOD NEWS 

Doom // Capitalism 

Work + 

waste tide, ch 11 spoilers 

I was like: Why does hell in Doom resembles big industrial complex. And then: i like it!


Covid Ancillary Polish politics 

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Covid Ancillary Polish politics 

Game violence // Dishonored series 

I also bought Doom, and then spend whole evening playing Kerball Space Program. Don't ask why.


In one case I was able to get a side project in Python and I just done it (in hindsight it was somewhat reckless).

In another case I had a client for whom I did webapp developement, they needed an Android app and I done it (learning along the way).

All of these above were done as "true" freelancing --- that is I was doing projects for multiple people at the same time.


Covid ancillary 

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