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I dunno if this is a worthy achievement, last year I did submit two articles the WTF daily and they both got published. (Both wtfs were in the third party code bur still).

@christinelove or just simulation is sufficiently low-level we don't observe bugs, and any bugs we encounter are just new laws of high energy physics 馃槈

Ca艂e oprogramowanie trzyma si臋 na 艣lin臋 i gum臋聽do聽偶ucia.

Trafi艂臋m w艂a艣nie na buga w kt贸ry powoduje 偶e zmienne JSON tj:

> VAR: '{"foo": []}'

konwertowane s膮聽do niepoprawnego JSON tak:

> {'foo': []}

kiedy np. trafiaj膮聽do szablon贸w.

Legitne rozwi膮zanie (poza upgrade ansible i grzebaniem po globalnej konfiguracji dla projektu) to zmieni膰聽zmienn膮 na:

> VAR: ' {"foo": []}'

Wtedy ansible/Jinja2 nie wykrywa 偶e to JSON wi臋c go nie psuje.


Capitalism // Elon // Obscure gaming references 

Capitalism // Elon // Obscure gaming references 

Capitalism // Elon // Obscure gaming references 

I was on an excursion to real working reactor today! It turned out you can just call them, and schedule a visit with a group of friends for couple of hundred PLN.

It was cool.

I was kinda disappointed that after serious investment whole installation lost it's vintage look straight from "communist" Poland ;) When I was working there, there was a plaque: "Inter-City telephone that way".

By艂em dzi艣 na wycieczce w reaktorze w 艢wierku.

Plan wycieczki by艂 taki: Najpierw wyk艂ad o energetyce i reaktorach, potem wej艣cie do hali reaktora i ogl膮danie dzia艂aj膮cego reaktora i tyle.

Oprowadzajacy by艂 kompetentny i nie robi艂 b艂臋d贸w merytorycznych (nie dowiedzia艂em si臋 niczego nowego, ale mam magistra z tego tematu wi臋c nie oczekiwa艂em tego). Oprowadzaj膮cy by艂 w dobrej normie polskich starszawych naukowc贸w.

Wycieczka trwa ok 3h, i kosztuje 300 z艂otych za grup臋.

I'm doing a project for a friend. Where he needs to orchestrate couple of hundreds of devices over radio (not via GSM). I'm happy that I don't need to do the actual radio/electronic part. However designing protocols over unreliable media, with stringent packet size requirements is something new to me.

We use LoRaWAN as network layer and need to have some resend and gluing packets together.

So basically I feel as I'm designing TCP.

@Wolf480pl hey could you give me some context? I seem to missed crucial news piece...


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Amnesty International: "And here's a reminder of the 10 facts you need to know about Saudi Arabia a.k.a. a Kingdom of Cruelty.

[:tw: #news #bot]

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"This is the future, I鈥檓 afraid. An automated future where no one actually knows how things work."

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Yuki Hoshigawa in Hacker Utopia page 3

this page took me forever to finish because I switched from Clip Studio to Krita midway through it. So I've been learning a whole new art program. Eventually I want to be making and hosting this comic entirely with #FOSS

This comic has a website now:

#MakingComics #MastoArt #comics

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Extinction rebellion 

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