Was into a cavern today, here is some random poetry:

I was on a cave tour
The guides had names
For the smallest stalagmite

While they should just
Let us into the dark
And bow to the nameless

SFFBookClub admin 

@eldang I have some weird stuff in my life so I appreciate the break!

Russian Political Joke 

Policeman stops a person and asks: "What is your opinion on president Putin?", the answer is: "Well the same as yours".

The Policeman says: "In that case I'm afraid I'll need to arrest you".

@rysiek @midline @kuba jak byłem na kwarantannie w pierwszej fali to nie instalowałem. Nie było konsekwencji.

I'm looking for a table top RPG group to join. Simplest for me would be play by post otherwise we'd need to accommodate European timezones.

Preferably some simple system: Quest or Blades in the Dark or something similar. Could be Fall of Magic even.

Boosts appreciated.

I could probably try gming if needed tho this is not my first preference.

@josias i liked teaching python. There are some books that tech python by showing kids how to write a game.

For teaching programming it needs to be very easy for students to install the language /compiler easily on their machines. This can be tricky for some languages.

For small kids if you have the budged you could play with micropthon. There are small boards dedicated to teaching kids.


@oddtail Had similar issue. You should check terms of your insurance, mine actually had an SLO and they promise that I will get appointment within certain time. If they can't deliver they will pay for outside appointment.

Another thing to check is whether you can join w waitlist. The way this work for my provider is they would release two weeks worth of appointments to a doctor and then they would disappear quite quickly. So waitlist was a way to go.

@Milouchkna "Dispossessed" from Ursula K Le Guin (works more or less). Becky Chamber's Wayfarer series (it is also flawed utopia). NK Jemsin "Emergency Skin" (short story about utopia that works and she explains why). In Tommorow Kin series by Nancy Kress Deneb/Kin are actually utopian (but the society is explained in the second book). Terra Ignota series by Ada Palmer shows something utopia-like.

@whami good luck. And happy new year.

Also I'm on-calling until Monday, but hope no pages reach me.

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@eldang I feel exactly the same (despite living on the other side of the world).

Thanks for writing that.

@esi @rysiek @SkinnyFeels I use two ssg Nikola and Pelican. Both are python so I need to reinstall anything only when I upgrade system interpreter.

Since I pin all the dependencies on reinstall nothing breaks usually.

Polish Joke inside 

During the polish people's republic times, a lot of people thought that "in the west" money is literally lying on the streets.

So brave protagonist emigrates, and after leaving the train in faxct they see 100$ note on the street.

They start to kneel to pick it up, but then walk away muttering to themselves: "nah I won't be working in the first day".

@jine I think that also The Walkaway by Cory Doctorow had similar topics. A lot of weird science there is done by groups of non-professional scientists.

It is also worth pointing that most of the book happens in The Walkway, which is techno-anarhistic utopia growing on the fringes of the normie world.

Emergency Skin Major spoilers 

@jine The short story is about what happened to Earth when all leaders went to space. People decided to be food to each other, and once everybody got education it unlocked lot of potential and new science.

@jine There is Emergency Skin by NK Jemsin. Will explain in under a CW.

Also in Too Like The Lightning. This one is a social sf and major assumption the society has is abolishing family, and creating a larger unit to foster creativity.

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@oddtail I hear you. Recently I was also on a psychiatrist visit and got proposal to be diagnosed for Autism Spectrum (which I will do).

I'm trying again using another psychiatrist by asking my friends to recommend good ones, and then try to get appointment there.

Poland COVID 

There will be new restrictions in Poland. Most of them are virtual, i.e. reduce maximal density of people in shops from 10 sq metre per person to 15 sq metres...

Nobody checks these numbers right now and I suspect nobody will in the coming weeks.

Still no vaccine mandate, nor employer has the ability to check vaccination status.

@polamatysiak Jak czytasz po Angielsku to jest tag SFFBookClub gdzie są bdb polecajki.

Anyhow z tłumaczonych: "Zabójcza sprawiedliwość" (źle przetłumaczony tytuł) przyjemna space opera / społeczne SF.

Wydziedziczeni Urszuli K Lee Guin (i po prawdzie cokolwiek innego).

Seria Becky Chambers zaczynająca się "Daleka droga do małej, gniewnej planety". To seria bardzo przyjemnych książek o kosmosie gdzie gatunki myślące postanowiły się mniej mordować a więcej rozmawiać.

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@oddtail Good luck. It can take time to find a good one, sadly.

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