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One of services I maintain had an outage. Last time it had this kind of outage I wrote detailed postmortem with remediation steps.

I feel like a pro now.

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Something I saw on route 12 but couldn't take a pic since I was driving and no place to pull over. So I tried drawing it from memory. Small sections of the valley that the sun never touched had icicles forming.

Disco Elysium spoilers // drinking 

I'm playing "Disco Elysium", a RPG/visual novel set in unique world.

In this game (with proper skills) main character can spend hours and hours takling to themselves/objects around them. Most of the interactions with the world is done via talking interface (like best parts of Planescape: Torment).

So far no fights (but there will be struggle, i predict).

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Appeal Court rejected Gazeta Polska's complaint on legal decision to stop spreading the "LGBT-free zone" stickers.

"The court notes analogies here, drawing attention to the similarity of the slogans to Nazi German plaques with the inscriptions "Jews and dogs are prohibited from entering" or "Jews enter at their own risk".


#plpol #lgbtinpl

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+ I'm old enough to remember the Web of the 1990s/ 2000s.
It was a maze. You followed hypertext links, stumbled into forums and early troll-caves, used Slashdot and GoTo, experimented with LiveJournal and Blogger.

It wasn't safe, it was filled with weirdness, appealed heavily to geeks and loners. Being on the web in that era was a serious trip.

But it wasn't corporate. It wasn't the tool of major governments, yet. It was defiantly decentralised, and when you were online...

... you felt free.

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#2228 "Machine Learning Captcha" 

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Laughed aloud on the sidewalk reading this. Sarah T. Roberts will not be making my Tech Cassandras reading list (but will make my others, I think).

I'm listening to podcasts from RPG gaming session.

And they just did introduced gender theory in-game, which was awesome.

Podcasts are in Polish, here: podsluchane.pl/napodsluchu/ .

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official profile of a party, which got into parliament this year #plpol


Outer worlds difficulity 

Outer worlds plot spoilers (minor) 

Outer Worlds setting spoilers 

Outer Worlds minor spoilers 

I bought "Outer Worlds" a first person rpg-ish game set in far future in ruthlessly capitalistic setting (think of company towns).

Reminds me of (System|Bio)Shock games. It also has some political message which is good.

Literally first NPC you meet uses corporate slogan when talking to you.

I loved it! And if you are into games with includes a lot of shooting (including humans) I recommend it.

Work, mh(~) 

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