I have set up a bookwyrm account (jacek@reading.taks.garden). I will try to move my reading/reviewing there.

I have no idea what it means for this account. As of today this account is 90% random boosts + my book reading log.

If you are interested follow me there :)

Unkindness of Ghosts (no spoilers yet) 

I listened to Unkindness of Ghosts. read another book by the same author recently.

First some CW:

- This books depicts life on an (essentailly) slave-ship in SF setting;
- Sexual assault, sexual abuse, effects of sexual abuse;
- PTSD syndrome;
- General violence;
- Attempted suicide, suicide;
- Substance abuse;

Polish classic SF // Climate Change // political climate 

The hope is that couple of years after the book was written the communism fell under its own weight. So even though situation seemed hopeless it all sorted out somehow.


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Polish classic SF // Climate Change // political climate 

But I get that now. At the end of "communism" in Poland the author couldn't see another solution to the totalitarian regime than magic.

And I kinda understand them now, as it seems that only viable solution to climate change // alright // neo liberal capitalism is also magic as the system is well entrenched.


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Polish classic SF // Climate Change // political climate 

There was a classic Polish SF book (afaik not translated to English) where the protagonist first uncovers multiple layers of lies about their society, discovering that they live in totalitarian state, then almost magically they fix everything (using magic // deus ex machina).

I never got the ending. Why add magic to SF work?


"We are satellites" book setting spoilers 

Can societal problems be solved by personal choice? I tend to say that they can't, and spending too much time to do good personal choices can distract from other methods of solving the problems. OTOH trying to make good choices won't hurt.

In the book problems caused by pilots are not caused by a company, but by the state that ignored the issue, and allowed rampant discrimination.

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"We are satellites" book setting spoilers 

I'm wondering if getting a pilot for yourself would be moral choice. If you do you put yourself in a privileged position, but so is getting a College degree now (and nobody considers getting a degree immoral).

ALSO: pilots are a metaphor for College in the book, don't they?

We are satellites setting spoilers 

I'm reading "We are satellites".

USA is so weird. High schools with ”track scholarship” (that is scholarship for sports achievements). Army recruiting in High School. I can believe that the two above are non fiction part of the book, yet something that couldn't happen in Poland...

I'm listening to "The Galaxy, and the Ground Within" by Becky Chambers (we read two of her books on ).

I like it very much. It is "classical wayfarer series novel" (i.e. fluffy space operish novel without a lot of violence and mostly about sentient species talking to each other).

Space Between Worlds no spoilers 

So far I like it. The book is dystopian, but not "watching the news" dystopian (it is different enough so I don't feel like I'm watching the news).

Children of Time vague spoilers 

I'm also reading "Childen of Time" (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Children).

I like it very much. For the most part the book follows evolution of a species of sentient spiders.

I think we mentioned it on tag, so if you are in for a long read try it out.

Scarlet Odyssey Setting Spoilers (vague) 

There are some books that I *should* like, but somehow they don't stick. I made two attempts to read Scarlet Odyssey, and dropped it in about 1/3 of the book.

I really liked this 'magic is programming idea'.

I have just read "Uprooted" by Naomi Novik (it's translated to Polish as "Wybrana").

It's a great story. Kinda reminds me of Ursula K. Le Guin in terms of how the characters deal with the adversity. (won't say more not to spoil it).

We read Spinning Silver by the same author on .

"To Be Taught if Fortunate" by Becky Chambers review (no spoilers) 

I moderately disliked the book.

Good parts: I liked description of doing science for the sake of science. I have liked ethical standpoint of the characters.

Bad parts: I was utterly unconvinced about details of mechanics of space travel in the book; Also character behavior not believable for me;

Will continue with spoilers.

There is a new short story by Martha Wells free to read here: uncannymagazine.com/article/th .

We read her Murderbot book for .

Wizard od Earthsea setting spoilers 

I really like this idea of knowledge is morality, and that power binds your hands. This idea started with Socrates philosophy.

Anyhow in the wizard of earthsea wizards are taught real magic only when they know enough how to use it without upsetting balance of the world. Three is a quote that apprentice enters the school of magic wanting to do great things, and during his education they want less and less, until they only do what they must.

The Fifth Season Setting spoilers 

I liked the dialogue of Binhoff and Sjenit about: The fact that the way our society survives doesn't mean that its the only way society could survive, and doesn't mean its the best one.

// quote is from memory so may be slightly off.

(I also seem to find political messages in everything I read)

Fifth Season quoted badly translated from Polish 

Whenever we say world ends, we usually lie, as the Planet itself endures.

I have also read two other novels by : "Solitude" and "The word for >>world<< is >>forest<<".

Both are part of Hainsh cycle, and both could be interpreted commentaries on the real world events.

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