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Using code formatter is super cool thing.

When I used only pycodestyle (or pep8) I started to worry whether my code is formatted 100% according to style.

Now I can relax and just don't care about most of things.

Since I don't care about python2. I probably should stop writing ``class MyClass(object):``, but ``class MyClasss:`` just **looks wrong**.

Every time I need to check when Python release reaches EOL:

1. Duck it
2-5. Find irrelevant information
6. Find issues in python bugtracker: "Simple End-of-life guide" (
7. Find out proper page via link in the issue:
8. Scroll down to the bottom and see: "I see this has been closed, but the page on the devguide is still really hard to find. "
9. Try not to cry.

Reading C part of is hard. Reading is maddening.

See this "implementation" of (I guess) read call. Have no idea why it is there.

Later __libc_read would be implemented as plain syscall. But what this one does? I'm lost.

Sometime ago I got hit by the fact that else clause in the for statement in works totally different {% else %} tag in {% for %} tag. In django else is executed for empty collection while in Python always when for completes normally (that is: without break statement).

Can anyone here recommend good for beginners MOOC (or other remote resource).

It would be good if it was not very expensive.

Asking for a friend (actually). Friend is kind of stuck in simple wodpress/drupal/admin jobs and wants to break this cycle.

Everytime I whine about sad state of packaging in , I need to remember that it could be worse.

returned "418 I'm a teapot" error for couple of hours today, due to some programming error.

npm command was returning: "npm ERR! code E418 npm ERR! 418 I'm a teapot: ..."


Use dynamic languages they say, ad-hoc data structures are cool they say.

This is what Python was *before* typing.NamedTuple.


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