I've been using python for 5+ years, and I didn't know of ``turtle`` [1] module.

It's a standard library module that works simirarily like logo programming language.

[1]: docs.python.org/3.8/library/tu

is **so good** for teaching. (And is second best language for every other use).


class SlightlyUpdatedPasswordChangeView(PasswordChangeView): pass


R0901: Too many ancestors (10/7) (too-many-ancestors)


This just how we do stuff here.


Is there any "easy"/"magic" way to do Postgresql Upsert in , without writing pure SQL code? (By upsert I mean "INSERT ON CONFLICT").

Is thee anything that allows me to say: "dear get me all packages and their dependency tree for my project and download them locally" and then install all packages from that cache on a system without the Internet access.

Did you know that python `calendar.Calendar` can start weekend on e.g. Tuesday?

I needed to work with weekends defined as: "From 6 AM Saturday to 6AM Monday". Starting weeks an Tuesday was super useful.

If you never knew about __debug__ variable, or '-O' interpreter option, here is helpful post that explains what it is, how to use it, and why I needed that in a project I did: blog.askesis.pl/post/2019/06/p

I don't usually use Azure, but recently on some project I wanted to use Azure storage. So I added 'django-storages[azure]'. Here is what ended up in my (pinned down) requirements list.

If you ever wondered how to display all actions taken by the administrator on a django admin site, here is how: blog.askesis.pl/post/2019/02/d .

It's also possible that I found a some kind of bug in django runserver command.

I was doing frontend stuff that did a lot of fetch API requests to django backend (in developement mode) running on runserver. Due to unrelated bug server wasn't consuming response body.

And every other request was returning 400 request with error: code 400, message Bad request syntax ('{"name":"thing"}PATCH /endpoint/path HTTP/1.1).

When I switched to gunicorn everything started working.

New blog post on my ugly-on-purpose blog: blog.askesis.pl/post/2019/02/m .

This time: why mmap system call is magic!

Using code formatter is super cool thing.

When I used only pycodestyle (or pep8) I started to worry whether my code is formatted 100% according to style.

Now I can relax and just don't care about most of things.

Since I don't care about python2. I probably should stop writing ``class MyClass(object):``, but ``class MyClasss:`` just **looks wrong**.

Every time I need to check when Python release reaches EOL:

1. Duck it
2-5. Find irrelevant information
6. Find issues in python bugtracker: "Simple End-of-life guide" (bugs.python.org/issue25296)
7. Find out proper page via link in the issue: devguide.python.org/
8. Scroll down to the bottom and see: "I see this has been closed, but the page on the devguide is still really hard to find. "
9. Try not to cry.

Reading C part of is hard. Reading is maddening.

See this "implementation" of (I guess) read call. Have no idea why it is there.

Later __libc_read would be implemented as plain syscall. But what this one does? I'm lost.

Sometime ago I got hit by the fact that else clause in the for statement in works totally different {% else %} tag in {% for %} tag. In django else is executed for empty collection while in Python always when for completes normally (that is: without break statement).

Can anyone here recommend good for beginners MOOC (or other remote resource).

It would be good if it was not very expensive.

Asking for a friend (actually). Friend is kind of stuck in simple wodpress/drupal/admin jobs and wants to break this cycle.

Everytime I whine about sad state of packaging in , I need to remember that it could be worse.

returned "418 I'm a teapot" error for couple of hours today, due to some programming error.

npm command was returning: "npm ERR! code E418 npm ERR! 418 I'm a teapot: ..."

See: github.com/npm/npm/issues/2079

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