Poland COVID 

There will be new restrictions in Poland. Most of them are virtual, i.e. reduce maximal density of people in shops from 10 sq metre per person to 15 sq metres...

Nobody checks these numbers right now and I suspect nobody will in the coming weeks.

Still no vaccine mandate, nor employer has the ability to check vaccination status.

Poland / Light of Bethlehem 

Shortly we will have "Peace Light of Bethlehem", where polish scouting association gives physical candles ignited from the fire that is in the cave in where Jesus was allegedly born in Bethlehem.

This action always was hypocritical for me. But this year it is doubly so. Poor scouts will give "light of peace" to random governmental persons. Including the president and probably multiple border guard commendants.

Polish Refugee Crisis 

Below I will write things about polish refugee crisis on the Belarus Border.

If you need more info AMA, I'll try to answer.

Content warnings:

- Physical harm and trauma;
- Death;
- Border guard harming people;

(Rest in the thread)

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