Sometime in May judge issued a sentence for fraud in a high-profile case. Two people were found guilty. We still don't know what the sentence is, cause judge is still reading the verdict, cause due to legal reasons you need read aloud name of every victim. And in this particular case there is about 20 thousand of them.

So there is actual judge in that mainly is reading aloud names of random people in , and this was what he was doing the whole summer.

See here:

Child abuse, Catholic Church 

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Poland, nationalism ww2 

The more I read about USA (and ) here, I think we IS 51st state of the USA. With minor differences of better trains and worse GDP.

Poland Homphobia // Facism 

Right now in we have severe drug shortage. Drugs are missing for several reasons, but one of major ones is China closing some their pharmaceutical component factories that sold stuff to Polish producers. These factories were closed to reduce environmental pollution

Fuckin . We should promote producers that have as much supply chain in the EU.


Another piece from is: there is a law that when you offer commodity service (eg. sell or print things) you need to offer it to to general public, and can't exclude people from the business on a whim.

There wasbig case where printer wouldn't print LGBT materials, was sued and lost.

Right wing court ruled it is conflicting with the constitution.

The problem is that mostly this law was used to force businesses to handle eg. wheelchaired customers.

The story from for today is: in some car factory owners (Volvo) wanted to open a LGBT support group. This was opposed by local unions.

Climate hot take 

Only good thing in living in Catholic run country is that shitload of days important in canonical calendar are also state holiday.

Guess who has free day tomorrow due to Corpus Christi holiday?

Warsaw Pride, alleged blasphemy 

Polish Politics, Child Sexual abuse 

CW: Child sexual abuse 


Poland being poland 

Poland being a confessional state 

Polish courts apparently now require mandatory mediations before court hearing. The problem is that mediation sessions are non cheap, and the whole process starts after you already paid for the case (civil cases aren't free) and often after you paid for attorney. Which totally kills the point of having mediation (which is to avoid costs of a court proceedings). being Poland I guess.

Polish pol 

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