So povray is seriously fun, well documented thing.

If you want introduction to 3d programming, povray is probably the way to go.

It's the same image as previously, but now I understand the coordinate system, and to prove it I put spheres in the corners of the height field.

I'm starting to think that all 3d API's are garbage (or ta least their documentation is garbage).

Or rather --- trying to do hobby project that something interesting with 3d is super-hard with exisitng 3d API.

However there is povray, a raytracer that is not younger than me, which is super easy, has super clean documenation, it's own DSL for describing the scene.

Doing the below took me 3 minutes (using the tutorial). And I'm a way further than in any other API's after couple of hours each.

Polish politics 

We had presidential debate. Or rather: two simultaneous debates each presenting a single candidate in the run-off election.

Candidates couldn't agree on whether to have a debate on National TV or in Commercial one.

Below is the screenshot (stolen from Facebook) showing two debates.

Beat that Trump! Beat that!

Polish politics 

The message below shows fake "Twitter" conversation between: Fascist presidential candidate, and two right wing candidates that went into second round of elections:

Bosak (Fascist one): "I shitted my pants XD lol"
Trzaskowski (right wing neoliberal one): "What a coincidence! I also shitted my pants, so much in common"
Duda (right wing catholic radical one): "Mee to! Me To! Moreover I also peed my pants".

This is a fake screenshot, but it is also very true.

Polish pol 

So polish alt-right tried to pass the law that says:

"So everybody would be young and rich and Minister Emilewicz would have a helicopter she would to throw money off from every time she needs".

Monument Valley 2 (a very nice, tranquil light puzzle game) is free in play store. You might want to check it.

Polish far right 

This is far-right (yet mainstream-ish) polish portal.

The title says: "8th of March. Prayer day for victims of feminism".

Then: "Did celebrating 8th of March help any woman? Sure not! It's better to pray for the victims of feminism, one of most harmful ideologies.

Then you get list of prayer topic:

- for woman that were taught to lose pride of their womanhood;
- for women that were taught to "self-realize" instead giving themselves to others.

There is a lot more.

To jeszcze po Polsku: takie coś znalazłem.

Nawet nie wiem jak to skomentować.

This is probably untranslatable. "Ekogroszek" translated as: "ECO PEAS" is this worst quality coal (that won't be bought by the power plants) people use to heat their homes.

This one is "patriotically branded", named: "PATRIOT PLUS" with tagline: "Energy from polish land".

It's also branded in white red colors, like polish flag.

This is an ad I saw on Audible application. Apparently it is non ironical.

Thank you overlords for this rare opportunity.

I bought "Eliza" a visual novel by Zachtronics. Very good story about living in it burnout, crunch, AI, therapy.

Protagonist started work as Eliza proxy (person interact with costumer undergoing a therapy session led by AI bot Eliza).

So far the story is great 10/10.

Capitalism // Elon // Obscure gaming references 

Building Rapture on Mars is not impossible, it is impossible to build Rapture anywhere else.

Today I was updating Windows, that was left unused since I bought the laptop. 12 restarts total.

I also learned that you need wizard skills to have bitlocker use password to protect the drive (and more to have actually safeish password). And that HP pre installed enterprisy crapware can eg. lock you out of using USB drives (thank to anonymous person who wrote: "after 6 days working with Windows support we isolated USB drive access issue to HP security app" I managed to fix this in hour or so).

Been playing on . Last Splatfest was upon us, so I was happy to have mostly non-working and also not-doing-stuff-resembling-work weekend.

I especially liked the idea that whole town was full of gamer made posters!

Managed to win 3 10x matches (and not loose single one of them) . As always picked the loosing side.

Also silver ink is super cute.

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