Some time ago I was doing a hobby project related to randomly generating images.

In the meantime I decided that I need to rewrite Python version to C++, as the Python part was too slow.

I got around to publishing python version right now: Anyhow if you are into diving into half-baked hobby projects (or making generative art) feel free to dive in :)

I'll publish other things in due time.

Covid adject 

Here is how social distancing is done in Poland. Below is a note from a shop saying: "Valued Customer, we kindly inform you that shop capacity is 195 clients". There is no more enforcement. What I'm supposed to do with this information? Count people while browsing the supermarket and exit if I count to 195?

I bought "Tea Dragon Society" comic on a whim after just looking at a cover.

Technically it's a kid book, I still enjoyed it a lot.

Try it if you like the artwork.

Worked on performance, so I can add more grass (or in future more objects).

Here is the writeup of changes: .

I'll work on something else than grass next :)

I have also somewhat widened (and randomized) the base of the blade of grass. I might revert that change though.

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Good thing: it looks **better**, also I have improved performance (by doing the dumbest thing: using multiprocessing).

Bad thing is: povray files exploded from ~10mb to ~80mb.

Key was to use "ambient"[1] property for "grass". Previously grass was darker that it should be as it was illuminated from the random direction. Now ambient lightning means that they are magically always illuminated.

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Another entry about landscape generator.

Reworked some code, to allow me to easily randomize colors, without ugly hacks I used last time.

Choose another (still randomly/computer generated palette).

Results are better but still suck :/

Will need to read into color theory (maybe just globally allow much less dark colors?).

Or maybe the "grass" is just bad. Need to think.

Also python is starting to be the bottleneck :/ (generating 100k of objects and printing them to a file).

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Added colors.

Spent part of day tearing out color map code from color brewer and seaborn code, and then integrated it with the lanscape generators.

Below landscapes are done using divergent colormaps from color brewer. Will need to do something better next time.

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Finally managed to add some grass!

Colors are not yet randomized, will work on this next.

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Another weird debug geometry, it's somewhat soothing (the yellow balls not the spikes) so I'll leave yellow balls somewhere.

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Still trying to figure out how to add foliage.

In the meantime I have added sun.

Problem is that if sun is visible currently is rather boring as it lacks shadows.

Also I could probably add some texture to the "height field" (i.e. ground).

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4) Having million objects (spheres) in povray eats 30% of my ram, so probably is an upper limit of what I can do without paying for cloud machine.

Anyhow here are some weird geometries with marker spheres that show distances.

Conclusions are that:

1) I need to put a lot of objects to fill the scene;
2) Objects need to be as simple as possible;
3) Ram will be a problem;
4) If I manage to do something iteresting I'll need to rewrite Python part to C++. . .

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I spent most of the day debugging coordinate issues (now I know that they were coordinate issues).

I managed to solve it only when I created a debug geometry attached below.

Basically highest spike is where camera **should** be, and red cylinder is where camera is placed.

When they mismatched I knew what was wrong.

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and fun continues.

1. First image is randomly generated height-map.
2. Second is rendered landscape, featuring debug markers (namely red ball and yellow translucent cylinder)

The above was generated by python script executing povray thingy.

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fun continues:

It's the same as previously but:

1. Povray file is generated from script, that works on python objects;
2. Heightfield is not created in Gimp but generated from array.
3. I saved 10 seconds of my life by generating spheres using for loop.

The end goal is to re-create something that renders landscapes similar to: @wildflowersbot

So povray is seriously fun, well documented thing.

If you want introduction to 3d programming, povray is probably the way to go.

It's the same image as previously, but now I understand the coordinate system, and to prove it I put spheres in the corners of the height field.

I'm starting to think that all 3d API's are garbage (or ta least their documentation is garbage).

Or rather --- trying to do hobby project that something interesting with 3d is super-hard with exisitng 3d API.

However there is povray, a raytracer that is not younger than me, which is super easy, has super clean documenation, it's own DSL for describing the scene.

Doing the below took me 3 minutes (using the tutorial). And I'm a way further than in any other API's after couple of hours each.

Polish politics 

We had presidential debate. Or rather: two simultaneous debates each presenting a single candidate in the run-off election.

Candidates couldn't agree on whether to have a debate on National TV or in Commercial one.

Below is the screenshot (stolen from Facebook) showing two debates.

Beat that Trump! Beat that!

Polish politics 

The message below shows fake "Twitter" conversation between: Fascist presidential candidate, and two right wing candidates that went into second round of elections:

Bosak (Fascist one): "I shitted my pants XD lol"
Trzaskowski (right wing neoliberal one): "What a coincidence! I also shitted my pants, so much in common"
Duda (right wing catholic radical one): "Mee to! Me To! Moreover I also peed my pants".

This is a fake screenshot, but it is also very true.

Polish pol 

So polish alt-right tried to pass the law that says:

"So everybody would be young and rich and Minister Emilewicz would have a helicopter she would to throw money off from every time she needs".

Monument Valley 2 (a very nice, tranquil light puzzle game) is free in play store. You might want to check it.

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