Polish Refugee Crisis 

Below I will write things about polish refugee crisis on the Belarus Border.

If you need more info AMA, I'll try to answer.

Content warnings:

- Physical harm and trauma;
- Death;
- Border guard harming people;

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Polish Refugee Crisis (CW in first message) 

So we have refugee crisis in Belarusian Border.

EU sanctioned Belarus, and Belarus decided that in turn they will open their borders to people from middle east (e.g. people that spent last 6 years in a refugee camps).

When they arrive they are transferred to the border and are forced to pass the border illegally.

Polish Border Guard does not allow them to apply for asylum, and instead illegaly-ish pushes them back to Belarus border.

Polish Refugee Crisis (CW in first message) 

It is winter now and most of the people that try to cross the border are unprepared.

Already, at least 10 people died (this is the number of bodies found, though I would assume that there is way more bodies in the forest).

Just to reiterate this fact: people die from cold and hunger in Polish Forests hiding from Border Guard in 2021 year, in a modern society in a EU member state.

Polish Refugee Crisis (CW in first message) 

Border guard needs to take asylum request, and needs to take asylum seeker to safe place, where they wait for the asylum being granted (or not).

They don't do that, and in fact weren't doing that for quite some time. I read reports from border crossings from year ago describing not taking asylum requests.

Polish Refugee Crisis (CW in first message) 

Ruling party tried to legalize push-backs (pushing people to the other side of the border). They even passed some law (with support of the liberal "opposition").

However they still break the law by not taking asylum requests.

Polish Refugee Crisis (CW in first message) 

Ruling party also started State of Emergency in the border towns, which mainly does block access to the site to volunteers, doctors and media.

Apparently they want refugees to die in silence.

Polish Refugee Crisis (CW in first message) 

This is a weird emergency, the post works, it was even proposed to allow hunting (including international hunters who pay fat money). Yes they wanted to allow random people with guns into a forests where refugees hide. Polish hunters are very known for mistaking dogs, people and other hunters with animals they hunt. The line of defense is: "I mistook my colleague for a boar your honor", and it worked for a time.

Polish Refugee Crisis // Reasons for hope 

There is a little hope in this situation.

Right now there is a group of volunteers that try to fish out refugees from forests, feed them, give them warm clothes, and take their asylum requests, and take them into client-lawyer relation with (volunteer) lawyers.

They are funded by some NGO's and by people donations.

So in Polish forests there are two groups Border Guard that tries to push refugees back, and volunteers trying to find them and help them.

Polish Refugee Crisis // Reasons for hope 

I wish I could do more than donate money and things to the cause.

But sometimes staying back is better than moving to the front-lines.

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