Javascript rant 

I'm trying to do something in Javascript. And modern javascript is a mess. There are multiple implementation of modules, incompatible with one another, and random libraries assume random implementation of modules.

I have an app that works locally in browser, but when I try to test each module of this app separately using jest/jasmine/mocha they randomly fail each one with it's own beautifully complex error message.

Javascript rant 

Maybe my requirements are not reasonable (but OTOH every other language satisfies them).

I want compile-time support from IDE, so I use typescript, I want to load some json files and some yaml fiels (but at this point I don't want to put these files in the Internet, so it all needs to be loaded and bundled together).

Why this needs to be so fuckin complex (answer: it does not but it is).


Javascript rant 

And the worst part is:

1) This is a hobby project, so when I have time to work on in next time, I will forget most of the details.

2) Instead of doing what I want, I wasted whole day on fucking with javascript (And this project will be running in browsers so I need to use JS);

3) When I finish it half of the project will be obsolete, as Javascript will be reinvented anew.

Javascript rant 

I **think** that the problem is my code is in typescript, and testing frameworks have some problems with how I use TS.

So I think I'll need to prepare special compilation code that will bundle my typescript library (with dependencies) to a single commmonjs (whaever that is) file, and then run tests against this (tests can be in JS I don't care).

The problem with that approach, that having "special build for testing" is an abomination, as you should test code you run in production.

Javascript rant 

@jacek idk what exactly you need javascript for but I know there are sites that do without it, so maybe try and see if you can do that, ot at least minimize the js?
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