Polish classic SF // Climate Change // political climate 

There was a classic Polish SF book (afaik not translated to English) where the protagonist first uncovers multiple layers of lies about their society, discovering that they live in totalitarian state, then almost magically they fix everything (using magic // deus ex machina).

I never got the ending. Why add magic to SF work?


Polish classic SF // Climate Change // political climate 

But I get that now. At the end of "communism" in Poland the author couldn't see another solution to the totalitarian regime than magic.

And I kinda understand them now, as it seems that only viable solution to climate change // alright // neo liberal capitalism is also magic as the system is well entrenched.



Polish classic SF // Climate Change // political climate 

The hope is that couple of years after the book was written the communism fell under its own weight. So even though situation seemed hopeless it all sorted out somehow.


The title of the book 

The title of the book I'm discussing is "Limes Interior" by A. Zajdel.

Sadly not translated to English. There is synopsis on Wikipedia (but IMO a bad one).

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