I dislike public transport in Warsaw. They made all aspects of buying a single ticket stressful (and I'm cutting down stress sources).

Here is what happened today:

1. I but a cheapest ticket.The application asks me for application pin (which I hardly remember as they ask for the pin only when buying tickets in Warsaw, much more expensive train tickets are not protected by pin).


2. I have exactly 10 seconds to input the PIN code. Good I'm able bodied. And there is a stressful countdown with big red shrinking progress bar.
3. I get prompt to validate the ticket before I can use it. I need to find a QR code inside the tram (but I'm not in the tram, as the whole buy ticket flow needs good connection so I did it before I was in the tram).



4. When I enter the tram I can't validate the ticket as it timed out.
5. I can buy new ticket but it also did not validate (apparently first ticket blocks that).

Why can't "buy ticket" flow be easy?

@jacek Because then people would be buying tickets and there would be no income from fines.

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