I'm playing: Breathedge game (shop link:

I really like it! For me it's distilled scavenger game, which is in-line with all my basic instincts in computer games (I usually finish them with as much unnecessary stuff as possible).

Main game-play looks like that: you exit a spaceship, and need to scavenge as much as possible and get back before air in your suit runs out.

This looks stressful, but it's not the case for me.


Breathedge game drawbacks (setting spoilers) 

Game is supposed to be "ironic", and I somewhat dislike the setting.

I like the "meta gaming" part, for example at some point you need to craft "Craft imposed by the developers to gave feelings of progression", which was fun.

Other than that the setting makes little sense, it looks soviet communist, but somehow the rocket was launched by company.

Moreover most of the "humor" is about toilets and farting


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