I subscribed to the Electronic Arts subscription. It costs 1$ for first month, and I plan to cut it off before that runs out.

So far I have played Titanfall which is passable shooter with most generic story i have ever seen in a shooter.

And I tried to play Star wars space shooter. (I already forgot the name.


Titanfall 2 game "spoilers". 

So the game is: you are a fighter. Fighting for nice revels against bad empire. You get to run on the walls and pilot a big mech. The bad people want to destroy a planet using their weapons. You stop them.

And thats it.

Role playing fascists 

So in the space shooter first mission is for the Empire. And in this mission you are ordered to find "refugee convoy" and presumably shoot at them.

Playing this was super uncomfortable for me. So I did not manage to finish the first mission.

Role playing fascists 

@jacek Did you read Pratchett's "Only You Can Save Mankind"?

Role playing fascists 

@deshipu yes. But well shooting refugees (and they were literally named refugees) is an new quality for me.

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