Children of Time vague spoilers 

I'm also reading "Childen of Time" (

I like it very much. For the most part the book follows evolution of a species of sentient spiders.

I think we mentioned it on tag, so if you are in for a long read try it out.

Children of Time not so vague setting spoilers 

I really liked the political/social subtexts.

The spider society is strongly matriarchal, and evolved from a species where females usually ate males after coitus.

So life of males was worse.


Children of Time not so vague setting spoilers 

One of the males that managed to get some social standing, tries to convince a ruling female to introduce a law against killing males.

And then we have typical discussion: "If they were worthy they would reach your status" vs. "There is no framework to support them, how can they show their worth"

It's like I'm watching left-wing politician in liberal media in Poland.

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