Wizard od Earthsea setting spoilers 

I really like this idea of knowledge is morality, and that power binds your hands. This idea started with Socrates philosophy.

Anyhow in the wizard of earthsea wizards are taught real magic only when they know enough how to use it without upsetting balance of the world. Three is a quote that apprentice enters the school of magic wanting to do great things, and during his education they want less and less, until they only do what they must.

I bought all Earthsea texts in single book with lovely illustrations. So now I have like three editions in my home.

This one is in English though. So I'll be occupied with it.

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Wizard od Earthsea setting spoilers 

@jacek It's what got me interested in Taoism.

Wizard od Earthsea setting spoilers 

@deshipu This is spot on. Did you know that UKL made adaptation of "Tao Te Cing" which will be translated to Polish soon?

Wizard od Earthsea setting spoilers 

@jacek I did not, but I guess now I have to find the English version. The thing with Tao Te Ching is that the translation tells you more about the translator and their ideas than about the original book.

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