The Fifth Season Setting spoilers 

I liked the dialogue of Binhoff and Sjenit about: The fact that the way our society survives doesn't mean that its the only way society could survive, and doesn't mean its the best one.

// quote is from memory so may be slightly off.

(I also seem to find political messages in everything I read)

The Fifth Season Setting spoilers, USpol vague 

@jacek Yes, higher-order survivor bias spelled out right there! US is quite guilty of this tendency as "oldest extant democracy."

PL historial policy 

@naga In Poland in High School I learned that:

1) Polish Constitution was first in Europe and second in the world;
2) It gave broad rights to most of the society classes;

After I read it up as an adult it turned out that:

1) It was passed into law illegally;
2) It gave no right to peasants (largest class);
3) It sparked a rebellion that was a first step to Poland being dissolved until end of I world war;

So bragging about history is something I'm inoculated against ;)

PL historial policy 

@jacek @naga but hurr durr second Republic was good!!!111

PL historial policy 

@jeder @naga Second Republic was an (ultimately) authoritarian regime between first and second wars.

It is idealized a lot but really in terms of workers rights Polish People Republic was way better (not that it was particularly good). Less shooting to workers on strikes, and way better living conditions.

Also it was a de-facto religious state, including country not allowing for divorce unless your church allows it. This made people convert to protestantism just for divorce.

PL historial policy, US 

@jacek The main problem I see from it here, other than "Murrica!," is the worship of the Founding Fathers . And Constitutional originalists having a say in things.

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