Polish politics // Woman rights abuse 

Right now we have very big "Black Protest" marches, as ruling party decided to enforce (already very strict) abortion restrictions in Poland.

Basically woman would be forced to birth with severe defects (even ones that will die in first day of life).

They also started using terms like: "unborn human", "unborn patient".

This is all to appease to Catholic Church (after bishops publicly urged the government to hasten this legislation)


Polish politics // Woman rights abuse 

It is fucking unsettling that we have to protest this shit AGAIN. During fucking pandemic, when we should stay home.

Polish politics // Woman rights abuse 

@jacek Aaaand now they can refuse to sell you contraceptives at the pharmacies.

Polish politics // Woman rights abuse 

@deshipu Fun fact: my first "political" meme was about local pharmacy not selling (I think) Ella One. So this did not change.

Also apparently the publication about "conscience clause" for the pharmacist is fake news.

(It does not change the fact that if your pharmacist decides that they won't sell you stuff, they will get slap on the wrist in the worst case AFAIU).

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