I have also read two other novels by : "Solitude" and "The word for >>world<< is >>forest<<".

Both are part of Hainsh cycle, and both could be interpreted commentaries on the real world events.

"Solutude" minor spoilers 

This one tells a story of an Hain survey that tries to get to know new people, and is faced with a problem --- nobody want's to talk to them. Also no adult talks with other adults that often.

The society is heavily postapocaliptic trying to live far away from ruins of biggest cities humanoids ever build.

So one of the survey members goes down with her kids, assuming that kids do need to learn stuff from adults.

And the kids learn.

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"Solutude" heavy spoilers 

They learn that magic is not in things, but in spoken words, and does not bend nature but human will. Mages should be dealt with.

They learn that there is not People or Nation on this planet, here are only Persons.

And one of them decides to stay on the planet and never go back.

I read the above as a metaphor of social networks, where words influence people to believe in craziest things.

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