Book Review: "Sten: 1"; Setting spoilers; vague spoilers 

When I was a teen I read the whole "Sten" series as a S-F space-opera fantasy novel about a macho male.

I'm now listening to an audiobook, and now it is a book about:

1) Awful workplace conditions in a big corporation;
2) Workplace stratification in a corporation where "Techies" get decent pay and decent conditions, and workers get the boot (this was written before Amazon);


Book Review: "Sten: 1"; Setting spoilers; vague spoilers 

3) How easily one can grow into a lackey of facist regime;
4) That CEO of a corporation that is exploiting workers will be destroyed not for exploitation, but by threatening Governmental monopolies;
5) Moral ambiguity of being a solider of said regime; what if being a solider is an only way out of poverty?

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