I actually enjoyed systemd. I get the criticisms, but the critics don't really propose an alternative.

Having a service definition in plain configuration file, over a bash script is great.

Timers are also strictly better than cron (you can define what to do if you "every minute" timer takes more than one minute).

@jacek Yeah, the happy path is good, problems begin when things break or you need something else than defaults.

And of course we have an alternative — we've been using it for the last 20 years.

@deshipu The problem with the alternative (initd I suppose) is that then defaults are not easy, and when you need something else, you are probably not in a much better place (you might argue that systemd does not enable you do do thing A, however you'd need to show that in your case initd is actually better).

@jacek I don't need to show that initd is better. It merely is good enough and infinitely more reliable.

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