Polish politics 

The message below shows fake "Twitter" conversation between: Fascist presidential candidate, and two right wing candidates that went into second round of elections:

Bosak (Fascist one): "I shitted my pants XD lol"
Trzaskowski (right wing neoliberal one): "What a coincidence! I also shitted my pants, so much in common"
Duda (right wing catholic radical one): "Mee to! Me To! Moreover I also peed my pants".

This is a fake screenshot, but it is also very true.

Polish politics 

Also the cultural context that you might be missing is that: "I shit my pants!" refers to a situation where somebody is so intoxicated they lost control of anal sphincter, but amusingly not intoxicated enough to not be able to loudly and proudly pronounce: "I shat my pants!".

Rather than making fun of people with serious medical conditions.

Polish politics 

And the political context is that candidates think they need votes of the fascist one.

Polish politics 

@jacek Trzaskowski is not a rightist! Duda not either!

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