Nuclear power in Factorio 

I'm playing , and i like how they managed to get a lot of things right about nuclear power:

1. Once you have stable nuclear power you can, like, dismantle solar grid;
2. Construction is expensive, but very easy to manage after that;
3. Once you handle better technology fuel supply is essentially infinite (however reason for this is different than IRL);
4. Nuclear power plant is much more than "just reactor";
5. Centrifuges!


Nuclear power in Factorio 

They got a lot of things wrong though:

1. Fuel should glow AFTER being taken out from the reactor;
2. You get nuclear fuel out of reprocessed fuel cells;
3. "Kovarex enrichment process" is a fake, and real processes that produce nuclear fuel are performed in special reactors;
4. There are much better techniques of separation between U-238 and U-235 than centrifuges;
5. Depleted uranium ammo DOES NOT GLOW (and is not radioactive);

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