Polish politics, bad but absurd 

So we are having an election this sunday.

The problem is that there will be no vote-cards, and there will be no vote counting commision.

The current plan of the ruling party is: "Highest Court will declare this election invalid due to the fact we had no election" (Highest Court has the power to check election correctness, and declare results OK or not OK).

And yes politicians plans involve Highest Court ruling one way or another.


Polish politics, bad but absurd 

So how this shit happened you might ask me?

This is a good question!

1) The ruling party doesn't want to declare state of emergency (automatically postpones elections!)
2) They wanted to push elections in may, before it will become apparent that they fucked things royally;
3) They wanted to have elections by post, but due to the fact they can't do stuff properly they were successfully blocked by Senate (where they don't have majority);

Polish politics, bad but absurd 

4) So statute defining new "election by post" is not in place;
5) However they took away powers to make "normal" election from the Country Electoral Commission (normal body that does this stuff);
6) So as of today nobody can make any election;
7) They wasted ~10 million PLN (~3 million $) to print vote cards for the "election by post";


Polish politics, bad but absurd 

The cherry on top is that (apparently) they published information that there will be no election, just after the presidential debate.

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