Child abuse, Catholic Church 

Context is:

- there is a child sexual abuse problem in Poland in context of Catholic Church;
- we don't know the scale cause nobody cares to count abuse instances (well some people do care but government does not*)
- getting damages money is super hard; cause priests have no property and church does not acknowledge responsibility;
* arguably current party is just hostile to church child abuse survivors. But previous didn't care either.

Child abuse, Catholic Church 

More context:

- there were two major damages cases where survivors got money from the institution;
- in one case survivor striked a deal to get: "Christian Support";
- in one case survivor got 1 million PLN*, for multi-year abuse + some monthly money; and well focus on this case;

* 1 million PLN is a lot of money (arguably a life changing sum). You can buy a flat or house for that much almost everywhere, excluding premium parts of bigger cities.

Child abuse, Catholic Church 

Actually million PLN damages are still in court, cause congregation appeals to high court (third instance), and this appeal was taken up. They want to decrease the damages. I read Facebook blog of the survivor and the case is as clear cut as possible. Even some Catholic "journalists" say that appeal is a disgrace.

And since survivor will need to give Bach the money with interest they are under a lot of stress due to the appeal. She'll loose her home.

Child abuse details, Catholic Church 

The case was clear cut:

- multi year abuse including weekly/daily rapes on 11 year old girl by quite strong priest;
- she was living with the priest (stupid parents!) and no visitor found that inappropriate;
- she was trying to tell grownups multiple times but nobody listened;
- she had an illegal forced abortion;
- nobody in the school and no visitor noticed anything;
- survivor got no education (trauma and Catholic school);

Child abuse details, Catholic Church 

- she still. Can't function in a normal society due to trauma and panic attacks;

And these fuckers don't deny the facts but want to decrease the damages amount. I wonder how they manage to shave each morning, cause I wouldn't be able to look in the mirror each morning.

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