Polish Politics, Child Sexual abuse 

I'm volunteering in "Do Not Fear" foundation that helps survivors of child sexual abuse (and is dedicated to survivors of clergy abuse).

Lately major mainsteream "liberal" newspaper ("Wyborcza") published articles attacking the president of the foundation.


Polish Politics, Child Sexual abuse 

1) First one was about his alleged fraud on another survivor (and in this case "Wyborcza" was right)
2) Another one was alleging his court sentence that said he was a survivor and named person who molested him (actually two sentences one from church and one secular) were "fishy";


Polish Politics, Child Sexual abuse 

Second article is just evil, even without this shit survivors have very hard time proving anything (often after many years evidence is lacking, church does not cooperate).

On one case I heard, so called "court expert" ruled that survivor was under so much trauma that her testimony is not reliable.

So undermining these sentences is just fucking up lives for people.


Polish Politics, Child Sexual abuse 

What is good in this fucked up situation is that the Foundation board did what's right and immediately removed the president from his post (due to alleged --- but very probable --- fraud).

And now I read that reporter of the newspaper was trying to make sure that the foundation board did not learn about fraud accusations before the article, so they can write in the article: "This person is still foundation president"[1].



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