Why on Earth Windows can't install updates in a single run? Why when dealing with new machine/VM I need:

1) Ask Windows To Check For Updates;
2) Install updates;
3) Restart the machine;
4) GOTO 1

@jacek Because M$ cannot be bothered to make the updates properly modular. They make updates depend on other updates to guarantee you gotta catch em all.

@AskChip But why can't my system download them in one batch and then, restart itself couple of times?

I'm not asking MS to port sane package management system with proper dependency resolution, from any linux distro ;)

@jacek Oh, that's another issue entirely. M$ also thought it would be less interrupting to the end user to not update all at once. When I build a new machine or 3, I have a 4 port kvm switch to choose and reboot systems, leaving them alone and checking every few hours.

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