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Child abuse, Catholic Church 

Context is:

- there is a child sexual abuse problem in Poland in context of Catholic Church;
- we don't know the scale cause nobody cares to count abuse instances (well some people do care but government does not*)
- getting damages money is super hard; cause priests have no property and church does not acknowledge responsibility;
* arguably current party is just hostile to church child abuse survivors. But previous didn't care either.

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Poland, nationalism ww2 

Nationalists (or facists) would say that was attacked in World War 2 by (choose from the list below):

* Atheists
* Communists (of course S in NSDAP stands for Socialism)
* German nation & Russian Nation

What they omit is that we were rather attacked by two nationalistic regimes (N stands for National). Soviet Russia was somwhat cosmopolitan, but in practice being a Russian in Poland was somewhat a priveledged position too.

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Polish politics // Woman rights abuse 

Right now we have very big "Black Protest" marches, as ruling party decided to enforce (already very strict) abortion restrictions in Poland.

Basically woman would be forced to birth with severe defects (even ones that will die in first day of life).

They also started using terms like: "unborn human", "unborn patient".

This is all to appease to Catholic Church (after bishops publicly urged the government to hasten this legislation)

Covid - 

Covid shit is getting more and more real. Supposedly Poland is getting better as new cases drop, but so drops number of tests performed, and percentage of positive results is climbing while being absurdly high (>50%).

Also more people i know get it.

I'll probably talk with my family about reducing going out to only essential (or rather redefining essential to cover less stuff).

I'm re playing Minecraft. Beforehand I was set aback by combat (I'm fairly proficient in games but couldn't get knack for Minecraft combat mechanics).

Then I learned of Easy mode. Minecraft had difficulty whre monsters are present but combat is much easier.

Joke, Antifa, Polish pol in Polish // Dowcip o Antifie 

Idzie antifiarz ulicą i widzi, że na ławce inny antifiarz ogląda filmy wrealu24 na YouTube. Więc podchodzi do niego i woła oburzony:

- Mordo, co Ty? Takie szmatławce oglądasz?

Drugi antifiarz na to:

- A tak. Bo jak czytam nasze media to nic tylko tu pobicie za wygląd, tam obrzucony butelkami skłot, a w całym kraju homofobia. A tu? Antifa opanowała policję. Antifa przejęła korporacje. Antifa rządzi światem. Od razu przyjemniej się robi

I bought all Earthsea texts in single book with lovely illustrations. So now I have like three editions in my home.

This one is in English though. So I'll be occupied with it.

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Wizard od Earthsea setting spoilers 

I really like this idea of knowledge is morality, and that power binds your hands. This idea started with Socrates philosophy.

Anyhow in the wizard of earthsea wizards are taught real magic only when they know enough how to use it without upsetting balance of the world. Three is a quote that apprentice enters the school of magic wanting to do great things, and during his education they want less and less, until they only do what they must.

PlPol - 

Living in the very distant suburbs of Warsaw has a benefit of not being worried that some nationalist fuckers will burn my home down when celebrating the Independence day.

Context: today is independence day, and nationalist fuckers tried to burn a flat that had woman's protest logo. They burned flat below it instead, as they miscalculated throw of their incendiary device.

The Fifth Season Setting spoilers 

I liked the dialogue of Binhoff and Sjenit about: The fact that the way our society survives doesn't mean that its the only way society could survive, and doesn't mean its the best one.

// quote is from memory so may be slightly off.

(I also seem to find political messages in everything I read)

Polish politics // Woman rights abuse 

It is fucking unsettling that we have to protest this shit AGAIN. During fucking pandemic, when we should stay home.

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PlPol in Polish 

Holowni poparcie uroslo z okazji protestów kobiecych. Ponownie głosujemy na radykalnego katolika, który nie składal deklaracji w sprawie aborcji i jestem przekonany że "kompromisu aborcyjnego" nie ruszy.

W ogole silna pozycja Holowni zablokuje "sprawy światopoglądowe". Bo H. nie jest fanem równości małżeńskiej czy prawa do godnej śmierci.

Tak samo jak radykalny katolik nie zrobi nam świeckiego państwa.


Demo was surprisingly big. Like it was a decent demo by Warsaw standards, and I was on many smaller demos in Warsaw. And it was not Warsaw but very distant metropolitan area.

People were mainly shouting "fuck PiS" (PiS being the ruling party). Which was therapeutic, but not constructive.

Pope John Paul II (no other triggers) Meaning of 2137 in Polish Culture 

Some pro abortion group collected donations. I saw multiple payments of 2137 zloty.

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Polish Pol 

I'm tired of Poland (if not for my wife, I would, at the very least, had plan to leave well underway).

Recently they have, all but forbid, legal abortion. Technically the Constitutional made a ruling that allowing abortion due to heavy and irreversible fetus damage (which applies to fetuses that will die couple of h after birth) is unconstitutional.

This ruling was met with very violent and very big protests.

People were interrupting masses at churches (which did not happen before).

Fifth Season quoted badly translated from Polish 

Whenever we say world ends, we usually lie, as the Planet itself endures.

Covid Adject // Literature // WH40k 

Why do I read WH40k books? Cause it's good to read boos about society more fucked then my own.

Pope John Paul II (no other triggers) Meaning of 2137 in Polish Culture 

Atheists would do a counter offensive, and we started to go to attention stance on 2137 and either: yell "POPE" or sing "The Pope song: .

Random programmers would choose 2137 as "arbitrary number".

Everything in this thread is true, and I did not made up anything. I swear. However if you don't believe its OK. You need to live through it to understand.

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Pope John Paul II (no other triggers) Meaning of 2137 in Polish Culture 

When "The Pope" died it was a **big thing** in .

People would go to "John Paul II" street and light lamps on 21:37 (hour of his death).

TV was ranting about: "The JPII Generation" of people that were formed by his everlasting presence (this sounds kinda like God Emperor of Humankind from WH40K);

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Usual Polish Triggers (Pope John Paul II) 

4) Some hospitals are named after him;
4a) At some point Church disliked that, because what happens when woman gets an abortion in such hospital!?
4b) This is not a "problem" now since getting legal abortion is almost impossible;
5) He is widely believed to be a spotless person.

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Usual Polish Triggers (Pope John Paul II) 

Random Trivia:

John Paul II (The Pope) was BIG here. **Polish Pope**. Up to this day:

1) He is considered to be an absolute authority, on everything, especially abortion;
2) Many believe he singlehandedly STOPPED COMMUNISM;
3) A lot of schools are named by his name;
3a) Often "Having The Pope as patron" is used as an excuse for e.g. start the school year with a mandatory mass (this is technically illegal);

(to be continued)

Poland Covid 

18) Radical Catholics discuss whether receiving The Communion to a hand (and not directly to mouth) is offends Jesus Christ.

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Poland Covid 

14) They also managed to botch multiple tenders for medical stuff, eg. bought entirely not-working tests for Covid for 300mln$;
15) Curently we have some "covid sceptics" that call masks "muzzles".
16) I strongly suspects that these covid skeptics were breed when the government downplayed covid;
17) We are closing gyms, but keeping restaurants opens, also churches work without major restrictions (fun fact: some priest spread anti-covid propaganda);

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