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Child abuse, Catholic Church 

Context is:

- there is a child sexual abuse problem in Poland in context of Catholic Church;
- we don't know the scale cause nobody cares to count abuse instances (well some people do care but government does not*)
- getting damages money is super hard; cause priests have no property and church does not acknowledge responsibility;
* arguably current party is just hostile to church child abuse survivors. But previous didn't care either.

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Poland, nationalism ww2 

Nationalists (or facists) would say that was attacked in World War 2 by (choose from the list below):

* Atheists
* Communists (of course S in NSDAP stands for Socialism)
* German nation & Russian Nation

What they omit is that we were rather attacked by two nationalistic regimes (N stands for National). Soviet Russia was somwhat cosmopolitan, but in practice being a Russian in Poland was somewhat a priveledged position too.

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Polish politics // Woman rights abuse 

Right now we have very big "Black Protest" marches, as ruling party decided to enforce (already very strict) abortion restrictions in Poland.

Basically woman would be forced to birth with severe defects (even ones that will die in first day of life).

They also started using terms like: "unborn human", "unborn patient".

This is all to appease to Catholic Church (after bishops publicly urged the government to hasten this legislation)

Zła poezja, Polska, Covid 

Z cyklu złe wiersze Morawieckiego pisane w Excelu:

Mamy odmianę Brytyjska i ta z RPA.
My obiecujemy wam odmianę Polską.



Children of Time not so vague setting spoilers 

One of the males that managed to get some social standing, tries to convince a ruling female to introduce a law against killing males.

And then we have typical discussion: "If they were worthy they would reach your status" vs. "There is no framework to support them, how can they show their worth"

It's like I'm watching left-wing politician in liberal media in Poland.

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Children of Time not so vague setting spoilers 

I really liked the political/social subtexts.

The spider society is strongly matriarchal, and evolved from a species where females usually ate males after coitus.

So life of males was worse.

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Children of Time vague spoilers 

I'm also reading "Childen of Time" (

I like it very much. For the most part the book follows evolution of a species of sentient spiders.

I think we mentioned it on tag, so if you are in for a long read try it out.

Scarlet Odyssey Setting Spoilers (vague) 

There are some books that I *should* like, but somehow they don't stick. I made two attempts to read Scarlet Odyssey, and dropped it in about 1/3 of the book.

I really liked this 'magic is programming idea'.

I bought "Tea Dragon Society" comic on a whim after just looking at a cover.

Technically it's a kid book, I still enjoyed it a lot.

Try it if you like the artwork.

Covid non personal (-) 

So I was trying to revive some arcane accounting software at night (to keep a nice woman calm so she can sleep peacefully). And after 3 hours fixed her setup.

And the setup was done by her husband. So she needed to mention him often.

I'm really sad I couldn't do more (than fix her software).

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I honestly believe that current mainstream media is major reason for bad political situation in Poland. For the last two decades they gave voice only to established politicians + the "novelty of the season party". And that made starting real change very hard.

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Also I wouldn't have noticed the strike if my family did not tell me.

I really hope that between governmental right wing propaganda and neoliberal right wing propaganda there will be a third option.

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Apparently there is a big media strike, where almost all non public media stopped broadcasting their contents and just display a black banner. This is due to some tax that will limit advert income.

I know on intellectual level that situation where only broadcaster is governmentally controlled is bad. But I emotionally i don't care for liberal as ridden media. The sheer amount of lies and reactionary propaganda there is disgusting.

Covid (-) non personal 

First let me state that I'm safe, and my covid risks are ultimately low.

However I feel like COVID is striking closer and closer to my home.

Some students of my wide have parents that are struggling for life. My neighbour died recently. Someon well known activist in my city died.

So covid is striking very close. I hope it wont strike somebody really close to me.

In the meantime I have also read: "Across a Green Grass Fields" by Seanan McGuire.

And I really liked it! It is a part of "Wayward Girls" series, that was recently on a Tor Giveaway.

I also did checked other books by the author, and all are, at the very least decent. So I'll probably read more of her.

I have just read "Uprooted" by Naomi Novik (it's translated to Polish as "Wybrana").

It's a great story. Kinda reminds me of Ursula K. Le Guin in terms of how the characters deal with the adversity. (won't say more not to spoil it).

We read Spinning Silver by the same author on .

Me: using Mastodon to run from Polish politics.

Also me: following first member of Parliament that created an acount on Fediverse.


I hope tommorow is safe for you all. Good luck!

C++ shitposting 

I'm now pretty sure that for every CPU cycle saved during runtime by using C++ instead of Python, i spend one cycle compiling and one cycle for IDE.


Good luck to everybody in USA! Stay safe!

Doing some for-fun C++ project. And I have some small numeric problem to solve. I have solved it added tests by:

1) Using ready solution for this problem in scipy;
2) Storing results in a file;
3) Checking in unittests that my solutions are the same as one coming from scipy.

Now I read tests for said scipy module, and I found them comparisions to output of module from R.

I have no doubt that in R tests there is a reference to some obscure fortran code ;)

C++ devs: C++ is safer cause it's a dynamic language:

Also C++ devs:

template<typename Left, typename Right, typename Epsilon>
bool EqualsWithEpsilon(Left left, Right right, Epsilon epsilon){
return std::abs(left - right) < epsilon;

C++ programming is like:

Here is your Json library, it's perfect, you can even have option to make it not allocate any dynamic memory!

But reading json from a file? It's not something we support out of the box.

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