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The major question I've been asking myself is: why?

Why do you use Facebook?
Why do you use Twitter?
Why do you use Instagram?

And you know what? I didn't have an answer.

I don't get any joy out of using Twitter any longer, and I definitely don't with Facebook.

I still like Instagram. it's happy. People aren't there to correct your grammar or give you shit.

Those thoughts lead me back to here. I completely forgot about this place full of nice people.

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: Adiamante by L.E. Modesit

I get a lot of nice book recommendations from people on fediverse, so I figured that I'll share them using this tag (and then also I'll be able to find them next time I'm buying books).

Feel free to ignore this tag.

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I just finished Adiamante by L.E. Modesitt, and I find it strangely relevant, especially since I read it right after Haze. I love the idea of making the power you gain with technology cost you personally, including the hidden costs — even if you use it for public good, you still have to pay the costs. And you pay them in your personal time, by doing work — something that can't be traded, taxed, pensioned or outsourced. That means you still can do big things, but it costs you.

Why on Earth Windows can't install updates in a single run? Why when dealing with new machine/VM I need:

1) Ask Windows To Check For Updates;
2) Install updates;
3) Restart the machine;
4) GOTO 1

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* ESB stands for Enterprise Service Bus, which is a thing that talks to all other things in your system. Cause in `00 we already knew that having hundreds of (micro) services that are talking to each other, and constantly update their API makes no sense whatsoever ;).

At least that's what the Architects were saying.

My first ever job went back to haunt me. I was working for a company that was doing ESB* (back when ESB's were "modern" and "fashionable") for a one of bigger Telecoms. So my first assignment was to create a service validator.

And now I got invited for an interview for position with "Extensive experience" (and I literally used the technology decade ago).

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If you ever need some randomness in your life:

> cat /dev/urandom | base64 | head -c 128

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I love how most of the fediverse seems to be flavor of trans, non-binary, genderqueer, demi-gender, etc.. I wanna see the stats! Tell me who you are!

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“Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles.”
― Charlie Chaplin

His biography is really worth reading.
Achieved nearly everything and nonetheless experienced pain at the end.

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The princess kicked off her shoes. Her jewelry followed, sinking into the sand.

Her tiara was tossed aside next. Her delicate embroidered veils fluttered away.

The waves lapped at her toes as she sang an old song her mother had taught her, wrapped in a simple, passed down fur shawl.

Up in the castle, attendants searched desperately, unaware of the voices rising from the sea, welcoming home the granddaughter of their stolen Queen.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Mermay #Fantasy

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@trickster From "The Hacker's Dictionary of Computer Jargon":

At least one real machine actually had a grind crank --- the R1, a research machine built toward the end of the days of the great vacuum tube computers, in 1959. R1 (also known as `The Rice Institute Computer' (TRIC) and later as `The Rice University Computer' (TRUC)) had a single-step/free-run switch for use when debugging programs.

I found some photos of it, but can't see the crank:

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@ekaitz_zarraga @ckeen Fun fact: there was a TTY terminal with a crank. It was used for debugging, and moving the crank by one click would advance the program by one instruction.

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shoot for the moon and even if you miss you'll land among an endless infinite abyss where all the light you see if from stars long dead and it's cold and you've lost your orientation and time starts to lose its meaning and you're just floating floating forever in an empty universe entirely apathetic to your existence

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