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Child abuse, Catholic Church 

Context is:

- there is a child sexual abuse problem in Poland in context of Catholic Church;
- we don't know the scale cause nobody cares to count abuse instances (well some people do care but government does not*)
- getting damages money is super hard; cause priests have no property and church does not acknowledge responsibility;
* arguably current party is just hostile to church child abuse survivors. But previous didn't care either.

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Poland, nationalism ww2 

Nationalists (or facists) would say that was attacked in World War 2 by (choose from the list below):

* Atheists
* Communists (of course S in NSDAP stands for Socialism)
* German nation & Russian Nation

What they omit is that we were rather attacked by two nationalistic regimes (N stands for National). Soviet Russia was somwhat cosmopolitan, but in practice being a Russian in Poland was somewhat a priveledged position too.

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Polish politics // Woman rights abuse 

Right now we have very big "Black Protest" marches, as ruling party decided to enforce (already very strict) abortion restrictions in Poland.

Basically woman would be forced to birth with severe defects (even ones that will die in first day of life).

They also started using terms like: "unborn human", "unborn patient".

This is all to appease to Catholic Church (after bishops publicly urged the government to hasten this legislation)

Breathedge game drawbacks (setting spoilers) 

Game is supposed to be "ironic", and I somewhat dislike the setting.

I like the "meta gaming" part, for example at some point you need to craft "Craft imposed by the developers to gave feelings of progression", which was fun.

Other than that the setting makes little sense, it looks soviet communist, but somehow the rocket was launched by company.

Moreover most of the "humor" is about toilets and farting


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I'm playing: Breathedge game (shop link:

I really like it! For me it's distilled scavenger game, which is in-line with all my basic instincts in computer games (I usually finish them with as much unnecessary stuff as possible).

Main game-play looks like that: you exit a spaceship, and need to scavenge as much as possible and get back before air in your suit runs out.

This looks stressful, but it's not the case for me.



I stopped watching the news.

My father is like: This government will stop at nothing to regain power, as <very specific example to tthe general rule>.
I'm like: I know the general rule, what does getting another example help?

I don't have the energy to care about the specifics right now.

After watching Polish actual role-play podcast "Sesje Na Podsłuchu", I made a second attempt to like "Friends At The Table" which is a actual role-play podcast in English. And now I'm hooked.

This time I started with the Marielda series:

If you know Polish here is the link to "Sesje Na Podsłuchu": .

Brave New World (book and TV series) racism 

Some Soviet SF authors will answer that it is not enough. I think that Strugatsky brothers would answer than this is not enough.

I dunno, it's a good start, and improvement from what we got already.

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Brave New World (book and TV series) racism 

For me most important question from the TV series is: "Is it enough to satisfy all needs of (most?) citizens to be considered an utopia".

If the answer is yes, then the TV series is clearly a story of failing utopia.

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Brave New World (book and TV series) racism 

Book is also racist. It uses the word: "negro", I think that this was an element of the world? Is it OK to have racism described in a dystopia?

And yes in the book the underclass is A) mostly black B) kept at low intelligence due to bio-engineering.

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Brave New World (book and TV series) 

Also I feel that writing dystopias is getting harder than ever in XXI century.

In the TV series all the castes had their basic needs filled. Of course working class was hurt by the ruling class, but at least they lived a struggle-free life, like you do your work, and you get your basic needs filled on a level that 90% of current Earth population would be envious of.

So they tried to do a dystopia, but it was better run than what we have now.

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Brave New World (book and TV series) 

One aspect where the book is clearly better is that in book the society still is clearly capitalistic/free-market.

In the TV series we have some kind of soft well-run totalitarian regime with free stuff and all basic needs fulfilled.

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Brave New World (book and TV series) 

Society in the TV series really wasn't sustainable though, they were like not maintaining their infrastructure. The critical infrastructure seemed to be hidden in some forgotten sewers and nobody had access.

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Brave New World (book and TV series) 

The way society is described in the TV series is described it reminded me one Rick And Morty Episode.

Q: How do you ensure good maintenance to your Virtual Reality Rig?
A: You build a small civilization dedicated to maintaining it, and you design the civilization to be stable since they need to maintain the VR-rig for a couple of millenia.

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Brave New World (book and TV series) 

I watched the TV series and I'm re-reading the book.

The book is better.

Review in the thread.

I got fiber connection at last!

Current situation is that network switch that is lying on my desk is the network bottleneck.

This seems kinda extravagant.

Role playing fascists 

So in the space shooter first mission is for the Empire. And in this mission you are ordered to find "refugee convoy" and presumably shoot at them.

Playing this was super uncomfortable for me. So I did not manage to finish the first mission.

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Titanfall 2 game "spoilers". 

So the game is: you are a fighter. Fighting for nice revels against bad empire. You get to run on the walls and pilot a big mech. The bad people want to destroy a planet using their weapons. You stop them.

And thats it.

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I subscribed to the Electronic Arts subscription. It costs 1$ for first month, and I plan to cut it off before that runs out.

So far I have played Titanfall which is passable shooter with most generic story i have ever seen in a shooter.

And I tried to play Star wars space shooter. (I already forgot the name.


Zła poezja, Polska, Covid 

Z cyklu złe wiersze Morawieckiego pisane w Excelu:

Mamy odmianę Brytyjska i ta z RPA.
My obiecujemy wam odmianę Polską.



Children of Time not so vague setting spoilers 

One of the males that managed to get some social standing, tries to convince a ruling female to introduce a law against killing males.

And then we have typical discussion: "If they were worthy they would reach your status" vs. "There is no framework to support them, how can they show their worth"

It's like I'm watching left-wing politician in liberal media in Poland.

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Children of Time not so vague setting spoilers 

I really liked the political/social subtexts.

The spider society is strongly matriarchal, and evolved from a species where females usually ate males after coitus.

So life of males was worse.

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