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Benefits rep wants me to send an email with PDF attached containing my SSN.

I sent them a password protected zip they couldn't open. So they said they have this "secure email" service, promptly sends me an email with "secure" in the subject and says that all his emails are encrypted but added secure in the subject makes it more secure.

That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works.

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Using a web browser without an adblocker is like fucking the internet without a condom

Another day spent battling WannaMine on a customer network. I should release my Scan-WannaMine.ps1 script to the public.

I'm not sure Machine Learning and AI is too much to be scared of at the moment. 

Facebook: Here, look at a post from 6 months ago, intermingled amongst posts from this week.

Twitter: "In case you missed it", nope, didn't miss it, not using the website.

Amazon: You might be interested in buying 10 more of the TV you just brought (do they really think I'm dealer?)

Netflix: You might like this film you just finished watching.

Folks that go with , what are some of the first things you made sure your four legged friend would do before you took that step to camping? Any suggestions on camping with dogs? Sites? Tips?

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What’s your royal name?

Lord or Lady
First Name: Your domain.
Last Name: Your username.
Land: Your password.


Spent 30 minutes trying to figure out why a stencil in Visio kept shooting all the way up to 167" x 108" when page was set up as a standard US Letter size (8.5" x 11"). Turns out stencil had a scale on it of 1:16, so it was throwing the stencil to some crazy dimensions. Fun Friday afternoon brain teaser.

Every infrastructure engineer has a drill press on their IT lab bench right? Just me? Okay then.

I can't tell what I feel more dirty about. Having to fight Java to get iDRAC (Dell's remote console) to work, or disabling it and using Internet Explorer in compatibility mode to use ActiveX.

I think I'd feel less dirty if I knew the firmware was 5+ years old, except this isn't. The firmware running is from July of last year.

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Friend to friend: When you make a release please take a few minutes to make a human-readable changelog of what has changed since the last release?

Your commit-messages are not a changelog.

Let me re-iterate:

Your commit-messages are _not_ a changelog.

A changelog allows me to follow what you were thinking between releases.

A commit log shows me your keystrokes between releases.

I need to know what you were thinking.

Thank you.

Today's fun adventure was moving a light switch, because they put it on the wall halfway across the bedroom. Meaning you have to stumble across the room to find it in the dark, instead of right by the door.

Tinkering around with some at a client's today. Something they've been battling with for a while. I was thinking of doing a talk at @dallas_hackers but I think somebody covered almost exactly the same thing last night. PowerShell running PowerShell decoding base64 encoded DLLs and injecting into memory.

Looking forward to seeing what 0days are being dropped at @dallas_hackers this evening. Might take a stab or two at the locks again. Not had much chance to practice recently.

It always feels like I'm kicking a puppy when making recommendations for best practices when doing Incident Response/cleanup. The folks know this, they were in the process of handling them, and got compromised.

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Wed, May 2 - 7pm - Dallas, Texas

If you're in #DFW (#Dallas / #FtWorth), come on out for our Fifth Anniversary!

Already have folks lining up to give talks, including drunken hacking, proper (undisclosed) 0days, and other stuff.

Bring a laptop to participate in our CTF. Bring your favorite picks for our Locksport.

First month, feel free to lurk. Second time you visit, you talk.

What will you talk about?

More info:


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