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hi i'm John Everydaycarry and today i'll be going over my every day carry, the essentials that no American should ever be without or be legally compelled to leave outside the courthouse or told not to take on a plane. i've come to this week's loadout after years of optimization:

• gun
• fire starting kit
• smaller folding backup gun
• paracord
• flashgun. now that's the RJ-800i Apocalyptor, a space-saving innovation from Mountain Tactical Industries, sponsors of this week's episode, and it's a gun with a flashlight under it.
• some more paracord
• gunlight. no, my mistake, this is the RJ-800i. the flashgun is a flashlight with a gun under it, and that's the MTI RQ-820b Obliterator. haha, don't get those two mixed up when the shit hits the fan, viewers.
• additional paracord
• gunwallet
• you can never have too much paracord. my first wife said you could have too much, so i made a second wife out of paracord, and she don't sass me so much, heh.
• gunkeys
• underwater low-temperature ballpoint gun
• bullet journal

well that's all folks. like and subscribe and next week i'll show you what my dog wears on her collar for EDC. i'll give you a hint: it's guns. stay safe out there.

Followed it up with installing a new AP in the house. So busy day. Body doesn't like me now, but that's what comes of scuttling through the attic and balancing on rafters.

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Had to do some trailer work today, specifically run the generator for a bit to top up the batteries and get the engine running.

After posting on Stack Exchange to help solve my dilemma, somebody nudged me in the right direction. I was using different grounds because the Arduino was being powered by the 5v from the USB. Once I connected the Arduino to the 5v rail and let it get it's power there, everything was happy.


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All the simulated testing works fine, meaning when I toggle off the 3.3v line, the transistor turns off, and the LED goes out. However, when I drop the same setup onto a circuit board, the LED comes on and stays on, even when the Arduino pin is LOW.

I even discovered with the Arduino out of the circuit, simply touching what would be the 3.3v line resulted in the LED lighting up, albeit rather dimly.

I'm sure I'm missing something stupid. Everything I've read says this should work.

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Anybody do much work with electronics, or have a decent understanding of NPN transistors? Bashing my head on what should be a simple circuit, and it's not behaving right.

Basically using an 2N2222 NPN transistor as a switch, base is connected to digital out pin on an Arduino at 3.3v and a 10k resistor. Collector is connected to 5v, a 330 ohm resistor, and an LED. And the emitter is connected to ground.

Spent the night on the USS Lexington. Cabins are what you'd expect for a ship, small, and cramped. Second time I've been, quite fun.

I think my vacuum bot is having a fit tonight. Finding anything it can to grab (cables, cords, etc) or rampantly crashing into things at full speed.

I was doing some tinkering this weekend with one of my Raspberry Pi devices, setting it up for some ham radio ops. Added an RTC but needed to make custom jumper cables. DuPont connectors are a pain to put together, and it really helps if you have the right tool, one that is "close enough" just messed up the crimps.

Also need to think about a custom case, still need to squeeze a buck converter in there too.

Decidedly struggling with my inner demons this evening. Not entirely sure why.

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Writeup on Installing KDE Plasma Mobile onto a Raspberry Pi, part of my TinkPhone project.

Cheers to all that helped and offered encouragement and support!

#TinkPhone #Phone #FOSS #RaspberryPi #KDE


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Siri kept calling me Shirley and I was getting really annoyed until I realized that I left my phone in Airplane mode.

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heads up if you ever use gimp for redacting screenshots and the like 

with the default settings, "clear", or the delete key, only makes a region transparent but doesn't delete the colour info. it can easily be retrieved

ways to fix this are:
1. uncheck "save colour values from transparent pixels" when exporting
2. put a fresh transparent layer underneath everything, its colour info (pure black) will be saved instead
3. just fill the area with a solid colour instead
3.1. or save as jpeg

Fun random thought popped into my head. In my haste, ages ago, in turning on MFA for lots of accounts I realized I created a circular dependency. If I lose my phone, I can't get into my Google account because I have the password in a password manager, that is protected by Google's Authenticator. Ooops. How does everybody else protect their accounts without creating circular dependencies?

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breaking the internet by spraying black paint on cloudflare's lava lamp camera

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humble bundle, region locking, irony 

a bundle of banned books
banning one of the books in the bundle

I think I could alienate myself from half the family by just posting snopes and Wikipedia links to all the stupid shit they post.

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OK, I stood up a rudimentary bot to pull the RSS feed from the US NOAA National Hurricane Center. You can find it at @HurricaneBot

I don't normally ask for such things, but I'd appreciate a boost on this one. Hopefully it will be a help to someone.

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Do you suffer from mental health crises? A few years ago a friend floated the idea of an app that might help people cope. I've finally started putting together a prototype and would like a few people on standby to try it out. If you have an android phone, are in the UK and would be interested, please send me a direct message.

Boosts very appreciated.

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