Decidedly struggling with my inner demons this evening. Not entirely sure why.

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Writeup on Installing KDE Plasma Mobile onto a Raspberry Pi, part of my TinkPhone project.

Cheers to all that helped and offered encouragement and support!

#TinkPhone #Phone #FOSS #RaspberryPi #KDE

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Siri kept calling me Shirley and I was getting really annoyed until I realized that I left my phone in Airplane mode.

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So, I did a little digging and found an awesome password store app at

It uses your gpg key to encrypted passwords in a store directory and even allows you to initialize a git repository that it keeps synced/committed automatically for you.

Within about 30 minutes I had migrated my password store from nextcloud to the pass app instead and pushed the git repo to my gitea instance as a private repo. Boom. Passwords encrypted and backed up.

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heads up if you ever use gimp for redacting screenshots and the like 

Fun random thought popped into my head. In my haste, ages ago, in turning on MFA for lots of accounts I realized I created a circular dependency. If I lose my phone, I can't get into my Google account because I have the password in a password manager, that is protected by Google's Authenticator. Ooops. How does everybody else protect their accounts without creating circular dependencies?

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breaking the internet by spraying black paint on cloudflare's lava lamp camera

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humble bundle, region locking, irony 

I think I could alienate myself from half the family by just posting snopes and Wikipedia links to all the stupid shit they post.

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OK, I stood up a rudimentary bot to pull the RSS feed from the US NOAA National Hurricane Center. You can find it at @HurricaneBot

I don't normally ask for such things, but I'd appreciate a boost on this one. Hopefully it will be a help to someone.

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The year is 2073. All proprietary social networks are dead. Microsoft and Intel are long gone, everyone uses locally-fabbed RISC-V chips. The world has been cured of cancer, politics and electron.

There are no remaining hardcopy records of the half a century leading up to this, because nobody could get their printer drivers working in that entire time.

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Do you suffer from mental health crises? A few years ago a friend floated the idea of an app that might help people cope. I've finally started putting together a prototype and would like a few people on standby to try it out. If you have an android phone, are in the UK and would be interested, please send me a direct message.

Boosts very appreciated.

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Your true friends are the ones who install your obscure messenger app just to speak to you

Benefits rep wants me to send an email with PDF attached containing my SSN.

I sent them a password protected zip they couldn't open. So they said they have this "secure email" service, promptly sends me an email with "secure" in the subject and says that all his emails are encrypted but added secure in the subject makes it more secure.

That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works.

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Using a web browser without an adblocker is like fucking the internet without a condom

Another day spent battling WannaMine on a customer network. I should release my Scan-WannaMine.ps1 script to the public.

I'm not sure Machine Learning and AI is too much to be scared of at the moment. 

Folks that go with , what are some of the first things you made sure your four legged friend would do before you took that step to camping? Any suggestions on camping with dogs? Sites? Tips?

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