the fact that the NSA literally has an open source project called LemonGrenade just made my goddamn day

you can't make this shit up folks


Q: What's a network security person's favorite mayonnaise?

A: Diffie-Hellmans!

New plan: just stay at home in my pjs rather than passively "date"/job search. Jobs last 8 hours but Fallout: New Vegas lasts a lifetime

Is this like online dating? What do I say? What do I wear? :o

Passive job hunts are harder than I thought. A recruiter messaged me and now I'm panicking.

Guess when I'm in the mood for an egg sandwich at Panera?

That feel when finding one library makes you go "Welp, guess I want to be a React dev now"

@mdszy sounds like me and the chocolate banana Pocky I found at Target

@jackbaty B2B sure, but I don't want a future where subscriptions are the only option as an individual :\

@bbense Yeah, I'll never see the appeal of do many things okay vs do one thing great.

I don't need to dos, long term planning, short term planning, and issue tracking all in one.
Just let me break down things into to dos and maybe link back to Confluence for the big picture stuff (Epic level and above). Focus on making sprints and issues awesome :)

Has anyone read "Jira is an antipattern" yet? Let's talk about it! (in general, I agree with the author)

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