@joaquin overheard "Swift is an Excellent Objective-C Preprocessor"

@Aerdan the chipset *might* be software defined enough to coax it into 5Ghz 11n operation if you had the micro-code sources, but the antennas, amps and filters won't be there for it and it's locked down for regulatory compliance.

@juliobiason I see this across my whole system, something in the kernel I suspect

@joaquin " fan still not convinced about ."

Same here, we should have a club!

I write for living mostly for using . I’m an fan still not convinced about .
I listen to , , , etc.
I like and in general.
Also , , , (follow me on Untappd untappd.com/user/Joakod).

iStumbler Labs now has a Patreon! If you want to help support our Open Source development efforts please consider signing up: patreon.com/istumblerlabs

KitBridge gets Swifty with the 1.1 release enabling Swift apps to use the bridge: github.com/alfwatt/KitBridge#s

@schestowitz@pleroma.site PMF is finally going to be a requirement in WPA3!

@brunoph I'm trying to reset my password, and the strong password isn't being saved by safari, so I don't know what it is!

Disk Utility has a similar problem, when you encrypt a volume the key is stored in the keychain AFTER the process completes, so if you accidentally interrupt, you can loose access to the disk.

mastodon.social isn't playing nicely with Safari Auto-Fill in the latest beta, anyone else seeing this?

@colincornaby the difference in work to produce a given output between platforms is huge. I've never seen an Android project come in with fewer hours than it's iOS companion, even if they use a web UI framework.

My favorite thing is putting a few hours of SceneKit work into a project, showing it to our Android team, and being all like "Yeah just implement it like that" and watching them panic.

"Oh it's just a particle simulation super easy like 10 lines of code!"

@bmeverett I just came from the site which shall not be named, the vibe around here is better for sure

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