I write for living mostly for using . I’m an fan still not convinced about .
I listen to , , , etc.
I like and in general.
Also , , , (follow me on Untappd untappd.com/user/Joakod).

iStumbler Labs now has a Patreon! If you want to help support our Open Source development efforts please consider signing up: patreon.com/istumblerlabs

KitBridge gets Swifty with the 1.1 release enabling Swift apps to use the bridge: github.com/alfwatt/KitBridge#s

mastodon.social isn't playing nicely with Safari Auto-Fill in the latest beta, anyone else seeing this?

My favorite thing is putting a few hours of SceneKit work into a project, showing it to our Android team, and being all like "Yeah just implement it like that" and watching them panic.

"Oh it's just a particle simulation super easy like 10 lines of code!"

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