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wapo, Nobel lit 

"Nobel Prize in literature awarded to Abdulrazak Gurnah"

'In a statement, the Academy said, “Gurnah’s dedication to truth and his aversion to simplification are striking. His novels recoil from stereotypical descriptions and open our gaze to a culturally diversified East Africa unfamiliar to many in other parts of the world.”'

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FYI, I just checked. If you live here in Madagascar, use internet on your phone, and are with Telma (the largest phone/internet provider), then buying 1 gigabyte of Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram access costs only *half* the price of buying 100 megabytes of general internet access.

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Yikes! Since the DNS records of Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp can't be resolved anymore, every device with one of their apps installed is now actively DDoSing recursive DNS resolvers.

This may cause problems... for the entire internet.

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the font in question 

a write-up from the designer:
(if you scroll down, there's a picture of an open book showing several very large e characters. e can be a very odd character, shown this way.)

link to the font on typotheque:

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font review (not mine) 

reading this page I'm reminded that I'm not a designer (let alone a font designer) *at all.*

covid, wapo, in search of delight 

excerpt: "But often, the most striking moments have come outside the interviews, as older people show me how to find delight when the world feels bleak and uncertain."

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like, idk, I once watched a pigeon untie a guy's shoelace and then when he stopped to tie it, steal his lunch

so, you know

shit like that makes you think

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tv, ST:Voyager, general 

there's a lot that's painful about this series. (my spouse is a completionist, we're watching 99% of ST).
one thing that continues to amaze is me is how much budget they must've had. there are seriously *long* shots in this, where they frequently stay pointed at one person for more than 9 seconds. sometimes there are 2-minute camera takes, where they don't do a cut, but keep rolling the entire time. modern shows don't do this. it gives a different feel.

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tv, ST:Voyager, spoilers, S3E25 / S4E1 

we were trying to figure out how many shuttles they went through in 5 episodes, so I was looking for a plot synopsis that detailed shuttle losses. I found this instead. 😂 🤣
this isn't even all the tropes in this 2-parter, but it's pretty accurate.


it's keeping me on my toes, that's for sure.
will they start speaking Jejueo around/to me next?

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there are a couple of people I do some business with. I overheard speaking Japanese, so I let them know I spoke a little Japanese, and we did some basic greetings in Japanese for a while.
well, then they switched to Korean without warning. so I immediately went home and studied basic Korean greetings for a couple weeks, so I could respond to them properly in Korean.
and today I think they've switched to a more colloquial version of Korean. which just might be b/c they're really tired.

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wild story about how today's college students don't have a mental model for computer directory systems or the concept of files

work, geeking, sniffer traces, 2/2 

though if you need this for current work, get your employer to pay for some training.

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work, geeking, sniffer traces, 1/2 

if you think you're ever going to use wireshark, do yourself a favor and play with it on your workstation before you need it. get familiar with what "normal" looks like. look things up that you don't understand. learn about how TCP & UDP works. learn about ICMP.

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how is it only monday?
or maybe put it another way, how is it almost october?

covid-adj, when your friends are suddenly exceptionally flirty 

if you haven't seen your friend(s) in person for ~18 months
and they've been really strict about keeping away from everyone else,
and suddenly seem like they're *seriously* interested in you (and this has never been a thing before, ever.) - I suggest ignoring it b/c it might be a quarantine thing that is more about being starved for contact & conversation than anything else. maybe wires are crossed or something. who knows.

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