@owashii fwiw, it depends on the cat(s). but yes, dogs are way more consistent about that. (what a good pup!)

slight injury 

@ashfurrow wah! I hope it stops hurting and heals up soon. :(

@specter I'll just be here, continuing to be made of eeeeeee! I'm envious of your day thus far. :)
laser cutters are just so nifty. someday I want to have a workshop and a small industrial cutter.

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1975: "Let's build the Internet, a network that can survive a nuclear war!"
2021: "Let's host everything on the server of this one discount bookshop!"

weather, plants 

the fluctuating temperatures and rainfall is confusing the local trees. most of the neighborhood trees are dropping their leaves, but several (which dropped their leaves last month) started blossoming. ...these shouldn't be blossoming until March. hopefully someone will think to give them tree food in the real spring. I'd expect an extra round of blossoming to be a little hard on them.

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food, wildlife 

it still surprises me how much animals (birds, skunks, raccoons; probably rats & opossums too) are *not* interested in apple skins. birds will eat the apples, but leave an almost entire apple skin shell behind.
a little weirdly, we didn't really get coddling moths this year. maybe there were just too many apples? it was a lot of freaking apples.

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I thinned the baby red onions today. I'm a little surprised that the transplanted onions (that survived) are doing better than the ones left alone.
I found a home for all the red onion seeds over the weekend. (hm, I should've tried to get rid of the cereal rye while I was at it.)
there were too many apples to dry out before they started going bad, so I converted the apples to juice, and I'm converting the pulp into fruit leather.
it looks like I'll be making hard cider after all.

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This was the first thing that came to my mind when they released them. Clearly it wasn't their first concern, and still isn't.

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Imagine what all those people with ADHD with their hyper-focus could do, if we let them arrange their lives in a way that is comfortable for them, instead of demanding that they "get their act together", and when they finally break down from all the compensating, we throw them away or, if they are very lucky, medicate them.

Imagine what could happen if it wasn't just ADHD, but other differences as well — after all, the needs are often similar, and once you start, it gets easier.

PH, ablism, aging 

if this isn't something you can imagine being an issue for you, this is something that can easily become an issue for your aging relatives.

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PH, ablism 

if you want to get an idea of what it's like to not have use of one of your arms, try having someone help you duct tape one of your arms to your body for a day. (be careful, do this in such a way that you can get free if you have to.)
can you drive?
can you use the toilet?
can you open and close doors? (sticky doors suck.)
can you lock doors?
(sticky locks suck too.)
can you open jars? can you cook? can you eat? can you clean?
this is the easy version - no duct tape in the shower.

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RT @GordyPls

food, alc, 2/2 

once the apples are done, I can start on drying out cranberries and citrus zest. woo.

on hard cider, these folks are selling a kit if you wanted to try it out:
sadly I think the pear cider kit is still using apple juice, so that still won't work for me.

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food, alc, 1/n 

I've mostly gotten the last of the apples off the apple tree, and I'm getting ready to convert them into dried apples. they're not very flavorful fresh, but apparently they taste good dried. I have no idea, apples make me extremely ill. anyway, relatives are interested in them for a change.
I was hoping to use some of them in a hard cider blend (something my spouse would enjoy), but per my spouse, the market apples aren't that good yet, and these apples need to be processed for storage now.

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