font review (not mine) 

reading this page I'm reminded that I'm not a designer (let alone a font designer) *at all.*


I'm not even going to try and write about all of the *waves hands* mess.
here's a copy of the octokitten gif.

crass, Red-Dwarf tv show-adj, coffee 

I know others have commented on this, but whyyyyy.

if you weren't sure, "smeg" was a fictional swear word in the TV Show Red Dwarf. the writers and other show associates were apparently were determined to ignore that it sounds like it's short for smegma. (they had a magazine!) now, apparently this appliance maker is also determined to ignore that, and hard pass, thanks.

heat, Washington state, US 

from elsewhere on the net. captioned "RIP Wenatchee".

US poll, animals vs humans, unarmed combat 

two comments on this from elsewhere on the 'net.
"Remember that infographic that went around a few weeks ago about animal attacks, and how some people thought they could fight a bear? No mate, no you can't."

"Now I'm mad at how small my bear claw donuts have been."

additional cw: eye contact

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at this point the number of businesses in the area that do this makes me think it's a trap. 🦑

--the signs & websites have been like this for years at this point. did it start as an oversight, and now it's just a small dig at the people it would bother? 🙃

US poll, animals vs humans, unarmed combat 

in case you could use some mild humor this evening.

my spouse is wondering if people thought by beat they meant outrun.

apple blossoms.
a young hummingbird inspected me quietly while I was taking this pic, but of course didn't hold still long enough for a pic.

birdsite, humor, ADHD commentary 

yes, I know, it's the birdsite. some day this person will start doing something with their masto server.

in the mean time, I read this, and I couldn't help but wonder if it will resonate with people.

additional CW: some caps, eyes

geeky, documentation 

I'm sure I've posted a similar screenshot in the last 5 months, but this example document still cracks me up.

reading history book reviews, geeky 

I was reading book reviews yesterday, in search of a new history book to read.
this is probably my favorite review. ^_^

Even when the book is abridged down to one volume it's requires a bit of dedication to read. Gibbon is biased, there's no way around it. Grains of salt needed for this book! Basically I find this review hilarious b/c the reviewer enjoyed the book so much, they're sad that it's over. :D

cat, ec, food-adj 

it's me.

(in my defense my metabolism is still overclocked.)
(found elsewhere on the net, most recently via thor.)

uspol, birdsite, Nazis, JMS/Bab5 

if you've never watched Babylon-5, this is one of the reasons why I really appreciate it, and JMS' writing. It's not a terribly subtle show for the most part, but I feel strongly that it and the message it has about fascism is important for people to understand.

uspol, birdsite, food-adj 

I'm glad they made this statement & thread, but this week is getting extremely surreal.


From the birdsite. Originally captioned "In preparation for the aftermath of today's events:"

-not really a mood. More of a grr.

local wildife (deer) 

One of this year's fawns. The pic is from August. Scale is hard to tell from this angle, but it was maybe .9 m / 3' tall. As you can see, its spots are long gone.

aquarium notes, cory catfish pic, EC 

stealth cory catfish.

I'd need to compare with other photos in the sequence, but this is probably Perky.

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