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"California just ran on 100% renewable energy, but fossil fuels aren't fading away yet"

"On a mild Sunday afternoon, California set a historic milestone in the quest for clean energy. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing and on May 8th, the state produced enough renewable electricity to meet 103% of consumer demand. That broke a record set a week earlier of 99.9%."

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one thing I have trouble finding is a link about a power plant that used black painted pipes filled with oil to collect solar power in the form of heat. (I think the pipes also had reflective shields around them, to focus the sun's light a little more.)
if memory serves, when the sun went down, the stored heat was used to generate steam, which was used to turn steam turbines, and generate electricity.
the power plant was in NV, if I'm remembering correctly.

US, NV, energy, climate change-adj 

the article I read said the plant was an old design, I want to say from the 70s.

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