Is it a good sign when the doctor looks at your foot and becomes visibly confused through their mask?

@artilectzed I mean it could be something silly, like they were told you had an allergic reaction to peanuts or something, and they're all "no, this is not peanuts. what happened in this game of medical telephone this time?!?"

@ischade X-rays found no fractures, which is good, but my foots being weird enough that they're concerned I have a blood clot, so I'm heading off to get an ultrasound in a few minutes.

After the x-ray, I spent about 50 minutes sitting in the exam room, not hearing from anybody. Someone came and took away the wheelchair that they left outside.

Had to call the front desk before someone finally came back to say 'sorry, it's taking them forever to read x-rays right now'.


@artilectzed ugh. I guess maybe ask if you can get a nucleocapsid test for covid? the test isn't approved, but it's not like it's invasive. (it just might not be very accurate.)

Got out of there, thankfully. Now I'm at a second place to get an ultrasound done on the foot ><

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