realized I need a bookshelf and now I'm gonna be stun locked on DIY vs thrift vs what do I need from a bookshelf?

I've never built anything like this but it seems like a reasonable challenge. I want drawers on the bottom and a couple shelves up top. I'd rather thrift it I think tho cause lazy but still...

@specter as someone who has done a lot of DIY, can confirm it's fun.
but I must also note that if it doesn't look 99% perfect to me (and it's not camping gear) I eventually won't like it. the difference between "it works and looks ok" and "it works and looks perfect", is sometimes hours more work. ymmv, obvs.

@ischade oh this is a sick resource! Thank you. And yeah I have a feeling I'd be in the same boat with the perfectionist aspect. But I also don't have precision tools and I've never tried so that would be expected 😅


@specter cool, glad you like it. :) these folks took some of the ideas from the book and ran with them:
yeah, it's hard to say. if everything went up in a wildfire-in-town, I'd be thrilled to have flat-pack furniture from plywood to setup basically anywhere. not pretty? who cares. I'd like it if the perfectionist widget in my brain didn't turn on for things that don't really matter, but here we are. :)

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