Probably a hot take 

"Lazy" is just a derogatory term applied to people whose priorities are different from the one calling people lazy.

"Laziness" is a reclamation of one's time and one's life in a system that tells you that you're worth nothing if you're not constantly productive in the way that is beneficial to capitalists.

Probably a hot take 

@rantingsteve ok, I had thoughts. I let them sit for a bit. yes, agreed.
-something about prosperity theology could be thrown in there. gotta hustle, gotta keep proving you're saved!

-what about biology? for typical people, when you master something hard, your brain gives you a tiny bit of reward chemical. it's a lot like opium. it encourages you to go out and keep mastering hard things. are there people who don't get that reward? how does that play out?

re: Probably a hot take 

@ischade Oh, very interesting thoughts!

At some point, I need to write about prosperity theology and new thought. I'm fascinated by the history of the movement, although it's incredibly bad theology. I might write an article on this.

The biology part is also interesting, because there almost certainly have to be people who don't get the same reward. Thinking of Arin Hanson talking about his ADHD and how he has to trick his brain into focusing on work because his brain chemistry doesn't reward him the way most people experience that reward after completing a task.


re: Probably a hot take 

@rantingsteve I would be delighted to read more of your thoughts on these things. (please write things, time & spoons permitting.)

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