good morning, for a hackathon project at work, I helped build a long-requested feature for our app: a log out button

being an engineer, I'm able to design some really visually compelling slides, too

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@dasyatidprime sure! Do you know what the bowl says? I haven’t translated it yet.

@ischade @dasyatidprime thank goodness! was slightly worried that I’d accidentally bought like a really offensive shirt or something 😅

@ischade @ashfurrow I was altering it for pun purposes! I thought cat ramen could plausibly be ニャーメン (nyaamen), after the usual transcription of cat meowing in Japanese…

(I'm not actually well-studied in it, I only know some bits and pieces)

@dasyatidprime @ashfurrow I love it!!! (and yes, I totally missed what you were doing. 😳 )

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